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    Balancing Between My Yes and No as a Leader

    By Business, Change, Church, Innovation, Leadership

    Even so, in my position, I often have to say “No”. I have to consider the amount of money and energy expended as it relates to the entire church organization. Honestly, there are times I feel like the dream killer more than I get to be the dream enhancer, because I often have to be the “No” voice, but the fact is, as with any organization, we operate with limited resources and sometimes saying no is the right decision at the time. In these times, I have to walk the delicate balance between saying yes and saying no.

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    7 Ways Extroverts Can Better Engage Introverts

    By Church, Culture, Encouragement, Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Team Leadership

    I write a lot about introversion, because I’m an introvert. Introversion is a personality preference, based on the way a person has been programmed by experiences and life. In very simple terms, it means we prefer a world of inner thoughts and reflections over a world of social engagements and interactions with others. It’s not that we don’t like people, it’s that if we had a preference of how to use our time, we would mostly spend it in quieter or more controllable environments. Chances are you have lots of introverts on your team, in your organization, as your customers, or even in your family.

    I will often get requests to write about extroversion. (Extroverted people are seldom shy about asking for what they want!) The fact is, however, that I’m not much help on understanding extroversion. Perhaps someone can guest post here sometime.

    I do want to accommodate the requests, however, so here is an attempt. Allow me to share 7 ways that extroverts can help introverts:

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    Leaders Must Grow as the Organization Grows

    By Change, Church Planting, Church Revitalization, Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Team Leadership

    Bad leadership is bad leadership. It’s usually easy to recognize.

    It’s easier, however, to hide bad leadership in an organization, which isn’t growing. (I wrote recently that it’s easy to keep an organization small. Read that post HERE.)

    The larger an organization becomes and the more growth, which occurs, the more bad leadership becomes apparent.

    As an organization grows:

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