Do you need leadership help, but aren’t sure where to turn?

Perhaps 5TLeadership can help.


The way you begin and end a leadership position often determines the degree of success you will have in the position and the impact or value you will bring to the organization.

In this offering, we can help leaders and organizations with:

– Succession planning
– 90-180 day onboarding coaching
– Second-wind coaching
– Staffing recruitment
Search team coaching

Having transitioned many times to new organizations and from different contexts (marketplace to ministry to nonprofit), we understand what it takes to begin and end well. More importantly, we understand some things that will get in the way easily from being most effective. This offering can save organizations money, time and missed opportunities.


All organizations go through seasons where they have lost their way and need some help finding a new path forward. This doesn’t always involve a complete overhaul. Sometimes a few tweaks in the right places can breathe life into a leader or organization, so it can find new momentum.

In this offering, we can help leaders and organizations with:

– Revitalization
– Restructuring
– Recovery
– Redirection

We are passionate about helping people and organizations find their second wind so they can grow again. This offering can be through various deliveries, including onsite consulting, virtual coaching, or an intentional or transitional leadership role on your team.


Finding your next steps forward can be hard when you are staring at current real-life problems. Sometimes it takes an outside look to help you realize your full potential and get to the next level of success.

In this offering, we can help leaders and organizations with:

– Assessment
– Strategic/Growth planning
– Marketing
– Social Media
– Strategic communications

In addition to our own experience, we have and are developing a team of strategic partners with expertise in each of these areas. We strongly believe collaboration is the key here.


An absence of organizational fear is critical to a healthy team culture. We accomplish this through assessments, collaboration, and honest conversations.

In this offering, we can help leaders and organizations with:

– Facilitated listening
– Confidential outside voice
– Coaching
– 360 Reviews
– Conflict resolution

Our experiences have reinforced that this might be the most important aspect of building a healthy culture. Where there is a high level of organizational trust and a lack of organizational fear people can flourish to their highest levels of success.


Healthy teams build healthy organizations.

In this offering, we can help leaders and organizations with:

– Collaborative planning
– Brainstorm facilitation
– Cultural assessments
– Myers-Briggs
– Organizational assessment (analyzing “seats on the bus”)

Teamwork makes the dream work, or so it has been said. We know the horror of an unhealthy team. And we know what can happen when health returns or is fostered among people working towards a common vision.

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