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Ron Edmondson

7 Wise Leadership Characteristics

By Church, Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Team Leadership

I write and speak a lot about wisdom. I think wisdom is critical to good leadership. Leadership demands consistent decision-making and a wise leader has developed certain attributes that protect the leader and the organization during this process. A leader learns wisdom from the personal experience of success and failure and from the insight of other leaders.

Here are 7 attributes of a wise leader:

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7 Suggested Reactions to Difficult People In the Church

By Christians, Leadership

Jesus taught His disciples how to build the church. The chief goal would be to love people no one else loved, even when they were not very lovely. We have tried to plant a church with that philosophy. Along the way we have discovered what Jesus learned in working with religious leaders in His day. (See Matthew 16:5-12) When you reach genuine hurting people, the complainers will rise up, mostly among the most religious of people, and when these type people talk, their negative energy (yeast) spreads fast.

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RELP – Episode 57 – Surviving in Faith Leadership During Times of Desperation

By Church, Church Planting, Church Revitalization, Leadership, Podcast Play in new window | DownloadTweet In this episode of The Ron Edmondson Leadership Podcast Ron and Chandler Vannoy discuss how to how to survive in faith leadership during…

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Healthy Teams Never Allow These 7 Things

By Church, Leadership, Life Plan, Organizational Leadership, Team Leadership

After a recent staff meeting, I was thinking about what makes our team at Grace Community Church healthy. I’ve written about healthy teams before HERE and HERE among other posts. I think healthy teams are intentionally created, so I’m consistently trying to make our environment better. My current thoughts have led me to believe that in our case, it’s as much about what we don’t have on our team as what we do have.

I think our team works well together because we get along well with each other. (Most of the time.) It may have to do with what we check at the door when we spend time together.

Here are 7 things healthy teams check at the door:

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