RELP – Episode 4 – Things I Try to Control as a Leader

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In this episode of The Ron Edmondson Leadership Podcast, Ron and Nate discuss the things that a leader should try to control.

Ron is blessed to have successfully led in the planting of two churches and leading in three revitalization efforts in established churches. Because of this experience, Ron is frequently asked what things he tries to control and which he releases to others.

Ron says, “I love that question, because I think its one all leaders need to ask themselves – frequently.”

You create a leadership lid in whatever areas you choose to control.

So, a leader shouldn’t try to control much. But there are things a leader should try to control.

Join in as Ron and Nate talk about those things.

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RELP – Episode 3 – Why People Aren’t Leading Now

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In this episode of The Ron Edmondson Leadership Podcast, Ron and Nate discuss why people are not leading now.

In my experience, there are people sitting in every church who should and could be leading, but they simply are not. Why is that? What keeps them from leading? How do we find them and attract them to positions of leadership?

Working with dozens of pastors every year, a top need they experience is attracting new leaders. Therefore, recognizing this fact, attracting new leaders has been a key focus over the years on my blog. I have spoken about the issue at conferences and with church ministry teams. I do not believe it has to be as complicated as we sometimes make the issue. We can find the leaders we need for our churches.

Ron and Nate try to get practical and helpful in every podcast. If you need new leaders – and you likely do even if you are not aware of that yet – we hope this episode will give you some fresh ideas.

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RELP – Episode 2 – Where to Find New Leaders

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In this episode of The Ron Edmondson Leadership Podcast, Ron and Nate discuss where to find new leaders.

Finding leaders is critical to the success of any nonprofit organization. Therefore, the church should have the greatest volunteer pool among all organizations. Sadly, many churches overlook some of their best volunteers.

In both church planting and church revitalization, I discovered one secret to our success was going to be the quality of leaders we could attract. Many times in church planting we had to recruit people who never had experience leading in a ministry context. While I do not believe it is that much different from other contexts of leadership, it was often intimidating to them.

In the established church, we often had plenty of people in leadership positions. Many of them, however, had been in those positions for years. We need new leaders with new approaches to realize needed change.

Where do you find new leaders? Where are some places to look?

So, in this episode, Ron and Nate get practical about finding new volunteers – who do not simply do what they are told to do – they lead. For any church to grow, volunteers need to take leadership roles in the church.

I hope these podcasts are helpful. They really are an extension of years of blogging, but this puts a little more personal touch to this. I hope as you listen to Nate and me discuss practical leadership issues, you will feel the comfortable tone of a conversation between father and son. That is our desire.

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RELP – Episode 1 – Leading Difficult People

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In this episode of The Ron Edmondson Leadership Podcast, Ron and Nate discuss leading difficult people. We are joining the Lifeway Leadership Podcast Network.

Why launch a podcast with a topic so grim?

Well, two options –

A. This is simply the first one we recorded and we weren’t thinking about the grimness. (We recorded 10 episodes before we launched.)

B. This is my current reality and one I have experienced throughout my ministry (and leadership) career. (And true for Nate as well.)

And both would probably be true. This podcast builds from the blog I’ve had for over 10 years addressing real issues in leadership – primarily in the ministry context. I try to provide applicable, helpful advice to sometimes weary leaders.

I have dealt with some really difficult people over the years. A few stand out to me more than others. In the business world and government world, there were people who I just knew I had to learn to contend with. They were key customers or crucial financial supporters.

What I did not realize was how these people are also in the church. Many times they are in church leadership. If I did not learn how to lead them well, I would never have been successful in church planting or church revitalization.

Thankfully, along the way, I have learned some hard lessons. If you have difficult people in your ministry context, I hope this will help.

Here’s to leading difficult people well.

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3 Reasons I’m Launching a Leadership Podcast

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I’ve sent a few teasers out via social media, but I can officially say I’m launching a podcast. I couldn’t come up with a creative name, so it’s officially The Ron Edmondson Leadership Podcast. Catchy, huh?

I’ll be posting new episodes on this blog and I am also excited to be a part of the Lifeway Leadership Podcast Network. So, you’ll see some publicity about it there also.

Here are 3 Reasons I’m Launching a Leadership Podcast:

A new way to share my existing content. If you have followed this blog, you know I have lots of intellectual property here. People can usually ask me any leadership question and I have written something close to addressing the issue. Podcasting will allow me a way to further use what I have learned and am experience in leadership, but in a different format.

Practical help for leaders. People tell me they like my stuff, because I make it easy to apply. I hope so. I realize some people like longer posts (and would prefer longer podcasts – this one will not be long), but some like the quick, to the point ideas I provide. That’s the way I think and apparently others think so too.

Every episode we will address a specific problem and we will talk practically about how I would approach the issue. I’ll use tons of real life examples.

Hang-time with my son. In every episode, my youngest son Nate will be the host and interviewer. He provides the technical ability to record that I simply don’t have. He understands me, knows many of the stories, and can bring out of me what I may have forgotten. But Nate also brings his own level of expertise. He’s served in some really good leadership roles for his age and done some really hard things. I personally think he’s one of the best leaders I know. (And yes, I’m biased.)

We are working out some of the technical issues, but we have a good backlog already recorded. Stay tuned! And please listen, like, review (positively) and share.

Welcome to The Ron Edmondson Leadership Podcast – Episode 0

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Welcome to The Ron Edmondson Leadership Podcast, a podcast of practical, actionable tips from real-life stories in leadership and ministry.

The Ron Edmondson Leadership Podcast is a podcast featuring Ron Edmondson and his son, Nate Edmondson.

In each episode, Ron and Nate, both pastors, walk through a unique leadership challenge and discuss practical tips and counsel to address the situation. This real-life discussion provides immediately actionable steps for pastors and ministry leaders.

Here are just a few topics that they will tackle:

  • Leading Difficult People
  • Where to Find New Leaders
  • Why People Aren’t Leading Now
  • Things I Try to Control
  • New Leader Mistakes

If you are a Christian leader, this podcast is for you!

7 Results When I’m Tired – 7 Remedies

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I have learned over the years – many times when I’m not up to par in my leadership or life – it’s simply because I’m tired. Recognizing this is paramount to maintaining productivity and for preventing burnout.

This has been truer in 2020 than any time in my career.

When I’m tired:

I become irrational about the flaws in others,

There is difficulty concentrating.

I display less patience and get frustrated easily.

My work is less effective.

Leadership suffers.

Our team suffers.

Here are 7 remedies I’ve discovered:

Take a nap (Some think you should take one everyday.)

Exercise (My adrenaline and energy grows when I sweat.)

Change perspective – Read a book, watch or listen to something other than where I’m currently working. (It can even simply be entertaining.)

Engage with motivating people. (There are people who naturally fuel others by their presence.)

Take extended time away from my work. (The busier the season the more I need to discipline myself to get away and rest.)

Evaluate my priorities – freeing myself for what’s most important. (We can easily get captivated by things of lesser importance which drain our energy.)

Call it a day and prepare for another day. (There have been days it is just best to go home and start over the next day.)

Sometimes things, which at the time seem unproductive, actually end up being among the most productive. I’ve learned I’m not very helpful to the team when I’m extremely tired. Addressing it quickly makes me a better leader. Things aren’t likely to improve until I improve.

Many leaders try to operate from an exhausted position and never realize they are the problem on the team.

Leader, be aware when you are the problem.

Don’t be afraid to admit you’re tired, leader. Most likely the team already knows it.

10 Opinions I Have About Meetings – Leaders, Pay Attention

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I have lots of meetings. Over the years of business, government, and ministry – serving on dozens of non-profit boards, I’ve probably attended several thousand meetings. Along the way, I’ve developed some strong opinions about meetings.

I thought I’d share a few.

Here are 10 strong opinions I have about meetings:

If all the decisions are already determined – then don’t call a meeting – send me an email. Don’t waste my time.

When the meeting is at a time when people are naturally hungry – please feed us. And pay for it.

Where there is no agenda – if we are simply meeting because it is on the calendar, but there is really nothing to discuss – well, I don’t mean to seem rude, but what are we doing here?

If every new idea is going to be shot down – then would skeet-shooting be a better use of our time?

When the meeting flow is done the same way every time, won’t someone  – some creative like me – eventually get bored?

If we are only going to talk about it – but never really do anything about it – isn’t this really just a social event?

When one person dominates all the conversation – let’s skip the meeting and schedule a speech.

If everyone is invited – nothing is getting accomplished today – let’s have a party.

When it is past time for most people to go home – let’s postpone – you’ve lost our full attention.

If no one is taking notes – will we even remember any of this tomorrow?

Just a few of my thoughts about meetings.

I’m not opposed to meetings at all. They are vital to healthy organizations and I even like a good meeting. Let’s just keep getting better at them. 

Do you have your strong opinions about meetings?

10 Clues to Find New Volunteer Leaders

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If a church or organization is to grow it must find new volunteer leaders

Of course, equally vital is the quality of leaders being discovered. Good leaders learn to look for qualities in people which are conducive to good leadership. If you want to have a culture which reproduces leaders, read THIS POST first.

But where do you find these people who can be future servant leaders?

I find it helps to look for certain qualities, which all good leaders need or qualities which, consistently over time, seem to make good leaders. Of course, in context of the church, the Bible gives us clear guidance in selecting senior leaders. But my church is always in need of new leaders – from the parking lot to the hallways every Sunday.

Where do we find a continual pool of new leaders?

The following are traits I look for in leaders I hope to develop or with whom I want to work.

10 valuable traits when looking to find new volunteer leaders:

Concern/Love for others 

You can’t lead people effectively if you don’t genuinely love them. I’ve seen people in positions who have great power, but they don’t appear to love others. These leaders often produce followers, but they never reproduce leaders.

Not a complainer 

Candidly, leadership encounters complainers regardless of what we do. I certainly don’t want to add complainers to my team of leaders. A positive attitude will get my attention every time.

Teachable and open to suggestions 

A person who thinks they have all the answers will repel other leaders. People with no desire to keep learning rarely find their place on my team of leaders.

Excellence in following 

This is a biggie for me. I try to follow people I lead, because there are times they know more than I do. Someone who isn’t willing to follow is seldom ready to lead.


Leadership is about trust. Trust is developed over time and consistency by doing what you said you would do. I look for people with this quality.


The people with a burning passion for the church often make great leaders. You can train someone to lead others, but you can’t train them to have interest.

Good character 

Character counts. Not perfection. Not flawless. But good character is necessary to be trusted on a team. A humble desire to always be improving as a person of integrity – this kind of character.


God always saw potential in others they themselves couldn’t see. I try to have eyes to see potential in people.


Leaders have to move forward when others are ready to retreat. This takes confidence. Not being prideful, but a genuine willingness to lead through the hard times – to do what others aren’t willing to do.

People skills 

This goes without saying, but you can’t lead people if you can’t communicate with people. You don’t have to be the life of the party (I’m a strong Introvert), but you do have to be able to engage people and make them feel a part of things.

Those are some traits I look for to find new volunteer leaders. Do you have other traits you look for in recruiting leaders?

7 Ways To Create More Time Margin in Your Week

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How do you create more time margin in your week – with an already packed schedule?

Isn’t this a great question?

How do you create more margin – to do the things you want to do and the things you need to do?

Here are a 7 tips to help create more time margin:

Start your day with God.

Of course a pastor would say this, but it is amazing if I start the day talking to God how much it helps me all day. Something about pausing long enough to center my day helps me start in a more productive way.

Prioritize your life.

What do you value most? Without knowing this we find ourselves chasing after many things that have lesser value.

Work smarter.

Most of us form bad habits or have unorganized methods of doing something that waste bulks of our time. Make a list of what you spend the most time doing and see if there are places you can cut.

Schedule times to organize.

Spending an hour or two planning the week will make the whole week more productive. Develop some system of calendaring your week. Usually for me this is the first part of my week. As a result I know where I’m headed and my work space is organized for efficiency. That makes it much easier to handle distractions, which are sure to come.

Don’t say yes to everything and carefully use your no.

Be picky with your time allotment based again on your end priorities and goals. And no is not a bad word.

Schedule down time.

Especially when my boys were younger, I would write time on my calendar for them. This allows you to be there and keeps things and others from filling up your schedule. (I still schedule this time with Cheryl – and, it sounds counterproductive, but we get away even more frequently during busier seasons.)

Evaluate your schedule often.

Plans should not be implemented and then ignored. Develop your plan to create margin in your life, then periodically review the plan to see how you are doing and what needs to be changed.

For some people just reading this is laborsome. I especially encourage those of you geared this way to push through the difficult part of this and give it a try. You will be surprised what a positive difference it will have on your life.