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The Quickest Way to Spur Organizational Change

Do you want to know the fastest way to encourage change?

I have practiced this one for years and it almost always triggers change. It has worked in business, government and church. It worked in church planting and in church revitalization.

It is cost effective too.

The quickest way to spur organizational change:

Expose leaders to new ideas.

In a team environment, where people are empowered to lead, new ideas produce change.

Often faster than any other way.

That’s why I encourage attending conferences when possible. I pass along blogs, podcasts and articles I read. We have often read books together as a staff.

Keep in mind, this works as long as people are allowed to dream – and the leader doesn’t have to control everything. When people are introduced to new ideas it produces energy and momentum. As team members attempt something new, change happens. Often quickly.

It doesn’t have to be monumental change to create excitement. Tweaks, slight improvements and small adjustments can create an atmosphere and an appetite for change on a team.

And the best part – there is always less resistance to major change when change is a part of the culture.

One way we practiced this was in the most recent church where I served as pastor. We often used training budget to take our entire ministerial staff and spouses to another city and church several times larger than our church. They had usually figured out some things we were still learning. We toured the church and then each staff member met with their counterpart staff member at the other church. We would ask questions and explore their story. It was always insightful.

I never knew how it would work or what ideas we would uncover, but I was sure of one thing. It would expose us to some new ideas. We would come home with some immediate changes to consider. Plus our team bonded and there was a new energy and momentum developed.

And that’s a win for me.

Do you want to encourage to encourage change quickly? Expose your team to some new ideas.

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  • @ProPreacher says:

    Great post! I completely agree. If only more church staffs would take the time to learn together. I know I have worked in churches that wouldn't fund conferences or even books for staff members. They thought they were saving money, but they were really losing because they weren't investing in their staff.

  • bryankr

    I have a question! Are not two different geographical areas also different in Ministry as well? I mean, how could what they do, work in your setting? Or, is that the point? Your looking at what they have and adapting it TO your setting?

  • This is easy when you are the leader of a group but what do you recommend for sparking change when you are new to a group?

    • ronedmondson says:

      My blog is primarily aimed at the pastor. It's over 50% of my audience. You ask a great question though. I've written a few posts about “leading up”. Do a search of that term on my blog and you'll find them. I may consider a more specific post that answers your question more directly.Basically, be an enthusiastic, team player and share ideas. You may not be able to take the team somewhere physically, but you can share information that takes the team somewhere mentally. Just be careful to do it in a humble, helpful way, not an egotistical, know-it-all kind of way and you'll be more easily welcomed.