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When A Leader Gets Too Comfortable…

Pretend for a moment this is your scenario:

You are a leader.  You have worked hard, experienced some sense of success and now you like where you are in your career. You have finally figured out the systems and structures, you know all the unwritten rules of the organization, you have the right staff or team, and there are no current problems you are tackling.

And I realize that scenario is probably a little too perfect, but the point is life is fairly comfortable right now in your leadership.

My advice when life is comfortable:

Now may be the best time to consider a change.

I am not at all suggesting it is, but I am suggesting you consider if it is.

The fact is if you are comfortable now, you will likely be bored soon.

The principle here is that leaders need change. It is what fuels them. They need to be stretched. They have to be going somewhere they have never been before and taking others with them. Leaders require an opportunity to improve something in order to stay motivated.

Please understand, you don’t necessarily have to leave your organization, or even your current position to fuel your need to lead.  You may simply need to expand your current goals and objectives.  You may need to dream a new dream.  You may need to challenge yourself outside your comfort zone again. Take a risk. Make a leap of faith.

But my advice is don’t get too comfortable. Keep challenging yourself.

It’s what makes a leader a leader!

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