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12 Random Leadership Observations

By April 10, 2018Leadership

I’ve been studying leadership for years, and share so many thoughts about it here.
These are more observations than they are tips, and they are random, but I’ve found them to be true.

Here are 12 random leadership observations:

Many times a leader knows the right thing to do, but simply needs someone to confirm it.

The hardest decisions a leader makes always involve people.

The little things are often bigger deals and cause more problems in an organization than the big things.

Enthusiasm is contagious – in a leader too!

The greater the challenge the greater the need for a healthy team.

When a leader says, “I don’t know”, it welcomes the input of others on a team.

Communication is often the missing element in many organizational problems.

People have a hard time letting go of a first impression.

You can learn something from everyone – even from people with whom you may not agree.

What you don’t know CAN hurt you.

People never tire of hearing “thank you”.

Change is always disruptive to someone. People have to change to bring change.

Do you have any leadership observations you’d care to share?

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