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The Power of a Leader

By February 15, 2019Leadership

Dear Leader,

You’ve been granted authority.

You have real influence.

People trust you.


Your words are powerful.

Choose them wisely.

People look to you for direction.

Take them to noble places.

Your suggestions are taken seriously.

Don’t make them lightly.

You have potential to spur change.

Use it to improve the lives of others even more than for yourself.

Your character is being watched closely.

Show us what integrity in leadership looks like.

Your ego can often be fragile.

Surround yourself with people who believe in you, but are willing to speak into your life with truth. (Listen to them.)

You can empower others.

Make it your goal to raise up new leaders. Invest in other people.

You have potential to impact the future.

Help make it brighter for us all.

It’s the power of a leader.

(Following my lead, could you add a couple lines to my thoughts?)

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