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I Hate Job Titles

By Business, Innovation, Leadership, Team Leadership

Titles to me are too specific. They seem to indicate a defined area of focus. I realize some people need that for clarity, but I prefer a job description to a title. I like for a person to understand the goals and objectives for the position, and even more than that, the overall vision of the organization and for them to realize how they are part of the organization’s success. That is hard to capture in a specific job title.

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Leading People To Make a Positive Impact

By Business, Innovation, Leadership, Organizational Leadership

This can be a controversial principle, because it appears at first glance that an organization is strategizing to leave a group of people out of the equation, but really this strategy helps the entire organization be more successful, eventually improving things for everyone involved in the organization, even those in the last 20%. This principle assumes that in any organization:

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