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The Most Critical Step in Introducing Change

By August 27, 2019Change, Church, Leadership

When it comes to making changes, and doing so successfully, whether that change is: 

  • In a home
  • In an organization
  • In a business
  • In a church

The way you introduce change is equally important to the change you introduce.

That’s the most critical step. The way you begin will impact everything else. It’s like a first impression – very hard to come back from if done wrong. If you want the change to be effective, you’ve got to invest time in introducing it well – especially to those that will be most impacted by the change. 

And that often means using intentionality in:

Communication – And you can’t over communicate.

People – And this is where you probably need a Stakeholder Analysis .

Timing – And remember speed of change is always relative.

Steps – And the bigger the change the more you need to invest time in the plan.

But the way change is introduced – the way you begin the process of change – will almost always be an important part of whether or not the change is successful. 

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  • Bryankr

    There have been too many times I have thought the idea I had was a good one, the reasoning behind it was solid, and because of these things everyone would be on board! WRONG! The biggest problem I have now, is that every group is different! This requires something different from the last group, which took something different from the group before that. I just have to adapt to each one. Investing time, and ME!

    • ronedmondson says:

      You're exactly right. Different people, different way to implement change.We see this even in our kids. With my two boys, the way we introduced them to change was always different. One required far more advance notice.

  • Agreed Ron! Any major change requires enanormous ground work to be done in preparatory stage. This makes the transition smooth and easy. Also, when we taken effort to convince all the relevant stakeholders, then the resistence will be minimum. In simple terms, Change management is an art. There is no defined rule to handle the same. Every opportunity will be a unique experience.