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4 Reasons Change Is Difficult

By November 23, 2009October 22nd, 2019Change, Faith, Innovation, Leadership

Change is necessary if organizations want to continue to improve and grow, but change instantly raising resistance from some people.  Change requires a certain amount of faith.   Faith is much easier to believe, and even to preach, than it ever is to live by.

In my experience, there are at least 4 major reasons why change is difficult. Understanding them and identifying with the resistance of change can assist leaders in helping other team members adjust to change.

The four reasons are:

It’s unknown –One of life’s greatest fears is the unknown. It causes us to resist those things for which we cannot easily discern an outcome.

It’s challenging – Change stretches us out of our comfort zone.  Some of us like to be stretched more than other people do.

It’s uncertain – When we change, we are often introducing untested waters.  We prefer certainty.

It’s unpopular – The resistance to change is universal.  Change invites animosity and tension.

What changes have you been avoiding that you need to make?

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