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An Interview with Mark Schoenwald President/CEO of Thomas Nelson

By Interviews, Leadership, Organizational Leadership

Over the next few months, I’ll be interviewing some great business leaders. They may or may not be leading Christian companies, but they will be high-level leaders in successful organizations. I think there are helpful things to learn for us in the church world from those leading outside the church.

I begin with Mark Schoenwald, President and Chief Executive Officer at Thomas Nelson. I have met Mark on a couple of occasions and each time he left a great impression on me in a casual setting. I understand he is a runner, which makes me identify with him, but I also gather from our causal encounters that he is professional, methodical, kind, and wise. Mark recently replaced the well-known Michael Hyatt as CEO of Nelson. From the outside, it appears Mark will approach the position different from Michael. I was interested in learning from Mark’s leadership.

Here is an interview with Mark Schoenwald:

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Sharing Your Story: Let’s Get to Know One Another

By Culture, Encouragement, Interviews

This week I was at the Story Conference in Chicago. Ben Arment and a team of volunteers put together a conference designed to help us creatively tell the story of Christ’s redemptive love for the world. I was challenged personally to be a better storyteller.

It got me thinking though…

We all have a story…. We should share some of them…

Let’s share some of them today.

Here are 10 questions…Answer all…one…or as many as you want to answer…

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Clarksville Now Interviews Pastor Ron Edmondson

By Culture, Interviews

We have a new local online magazine in our community. Recently they asked me to participate in a series of interviews they are doing with people in the community. I realized I hadn’t even shared my answers with my family, so I did this weekend.

Since you often don’t get to know the online person behind a blog, I thought I’d share with you also.

Here’s where we’re giving you a chance to find out more about different people in our community. We recently interviewed Pastor Ron Edmondson of Grace Community Church.

How long have you been in Clarksville, What brought you to Clarksville?
I’m an original Clarksvillian and my family has been here for as long as I can trace. We are the Edmondson Ferry Road Edmondson’s.

Tell us about your family. Are you married? How many kids? Any siblings?
I’m married to my best friend Cheryl and together we have two boys, Jeremy 21 and Nate 18. Jeremy just graduated from Austin Peay and is a third generation AP grad. Nate is a freshman at Moody Bible College in Chicago. I have one older brother and one younger sister.

What do you like most about Clarksville?

To read the rest of this interview, click HERE.

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