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7 Things Which Have Brought Me Personal Success

I get asked frequently by young leader what I would you attribute most to my success in business, ministry or life.

Great question. I love people who think. It takes intentionality to achieve much of the success we do in life.

My first thought when I am asked, however, is usually “What success?”.

When I look back at my life, in many ways, I see a life scarred with personal failures and setbacks. But, over the years I have learned God has blessed me greatly – much in spite and much because of my personal failures.

Let me be clear about something, one of my missions in life is to help younger leaders succeed, so this is my sole motivation for answering this question. I am still very much a work in progress, but as I reflect on where I am midway in my life and career (and approaching a little beyond midway), I can clearly point to some things which have helped me succeed personally.

Here are 7 things which have brought me personal success:

God’s grace

I can’t deny it. It’s really all grace. I do not deserve the favor I have found. His grace has been amazing in my life. And, the more I have pursued Him, allowed Him to have His will in my life, and credited all to His glory the more grace He seems to extend. He’s a generous God.

Other people

I have had so many people invest in me. Don’t misunderstand. I’ve been intentional with networking and wisdom-seeking – always having mentors in my life whom I recruited, but I’ve had great people in my corner to help me along the way. Nothing of value is done without the help of others. And, if your goal is to be a leader – there is no leadership without people.

A little luck

Honestly, I don’t believe much in luck. It IS all grace. I think God is always at work around us, and He certainly has been in my life, but sometimes we find ourselves in “the right place at the right time”. Learning how to capitalize on those times has been key for me. Seize the day and seize the moments. Every moment and every connection you make is an opportunity – and sometimes a once in a lifetime opportunity.


I have usually known what I ultimately want to accomplish. I believe you hit more targets when you have them in site. Sometimes this has been a few months down the road or a few years down the road, but I’ve most always tried to keep some direction in front of me – as much as God will allow me to see at the time. And, you may even get it wrong, but you’ll learn from this too and find a better purpose.


Probably if there were one word to describe how I want to live my life it would be this one. Since I was in high school, I have intentionally pursued opportunities to accomplish where I felt God was leading me. But, I’ve been intentional in every area of my life, not just in my vocation. I think it is critical to living a balanced life (as much as we can achieve balance) and for attaining personal success.


I have weathered a few storms – actually, many storms. My list of failures, setbacks and disappointments is long – some I caused and some which were beyond my control. Every time, again, by God’s grace, I have gotten back up, refocused, learned valuable life principles and moved forward. The longer you dwell on the past and missed opportunities the longer you delay future success.

Commitment to help others

I believe this is huge. I genuinely love helping other people succeed. It’s been a pulling force in my life to do much of what I do. The purpose of this blog, for example, is for this reason. (I seldom look at my analytics. It doesn’t matter except in the sense I’m trying to be purposeful and intentional.) And, here’s the thing – my personal investment in others has always returned to me tenfold.

So, there’s my attempt at an answer to how I have attained any success I have.

What has gotten you where you are today?

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  • Ron! I agree with the listed attributes. Some more attributes that have helped me in my life:
    ~ Consistency
    ~ Patience & Tolerance
    ~ Attitude of gratitude
    ~ Perseverance
    ~ And, (last but not the least) keeping my mouth shut!!!

  • love the point on helping others. Instead of pushing people down to go up feels like there is intrinsic benefit to encoring and helping others to grow as well 🙂

  • Noel Coleman says:

    I think I'd add in failure. While it blends with your others (Grace, Intentionality, tenacity, purpose), it is something that stands on it's own as well. Failure first humbles you. Then it teaches you. Then it gives you broader perspective when you do finally "succeed." Most of the things I would attribute to the win column of my life started in the lose column.

  • Bryan Ruffin

    These days I’m leaning a lot on patience and Grace. Waiting for His timing is not always easy and Grace is a necessity!

  • Fantastic list Ron – I can't think of any other meaningful components to add. For me, tenacity and intentionality are the critical keys that I can control. They're like a vector – force with direction. The tenacity is the force, but without direction (intentionality) it's all wasted energy. Having said that, I hope you enjoy Catalyst and I'm grateful we met up last year!

  • Melissa says:

    Great post Ron…what has gotten me to where I am….all of the above, especially the God influences.

    Side note, luck is an interesting word isn't it…I almost feel guilty using it in a sentence. I know it's all God, but slip up and use the word– luck. Using that word makes me think more about grace. : )

    Have a good day up in Bluegrass country!

  • Greg Conley says:

    Great post Ron! I'm really focusing in on "purpose" at this time. With regards to luck (and I understand where you're coming from)… I love this definition on luck, "it's when preparation meets with opportunity." As you stated in your first point, all our success is because of God's love and grace. I believe the Apostle Paul made the statement that the only thing we can really boast in is Christ Jesus! Have a blessed day my brother!

  • I got a little worried when I read "A little Luck" – Happy to see you agree it is ALL GRACE.. 🙂