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What do you do when you are stuck?

I mean you can’t get going again. You can’t find your way. You’re stuck in yesterday’s mistake. Or, you can get stuck in yesterday’s success. 

Perhaps you had a dream, but you got sidelined pursuing it. Perhaps you’ve absorbed all your energy, all your resources, and all your passion, but it didn’t work and now the dream is dead and you don’t know what to do next. 

Maybe you just experienced you’re greatest season ever — but now things are still again — you don’t know how to repeat the success. Or, even how to get started again. 

I understand. I’ve been there several times in my life. On both sides. And, both are frustrating. 

If this is your situation, i have a few thoughts. Based on experience. You can find your momentum again.

Here are 5 suggestions for getting unstuck:


Being stuck drains you emotionally and physically. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to spend a season resting and waiting. This doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing, but it does mean allowing yourself a chance to heal. Rest is often the platform for launching next. 


Most likely your setbacks — and sometimes your success — takes your focus off of the big picture of your life. You may have been saturated with fear and uncertainty and you are afraid to risk again. You may need a fresh dream or you may need some new dreams, but at some point you will have to lift up your head from the natural self pity that accompanies disappointment and refocus on your future and the plans God has for your life.If you’re coming off of a success, you may begin to believe that all of life is a victory. Spend some time considering what matters most in life. Many times we find it’s things that are there in times of failure or success. Things that money (relationships) cannot buy. 


If you have a God-given calling or at least God-honoring and you don’t believe it’s time to give up — then spend time setting some new goals and objectives. You may need to redesign your dream into a contemporary context as culture or your life changes, you mature, or God gives you greater understanding. You may have to tackle things from a different angle, learn something new to help you towards it, or make some new connections with people who can help you move forward. And if your stuck after success – remember what got you there last time may not get you there the next time. It’s time to learn some new tools to spur some new momentum. 


It’s okay to start something completely new. It is. Many times God leads us through disappointing opportunities — or successful opportunities — to teach us valuable principles to help us achieve other dreams. Don’t be afraid of God doing something new. (Remember: His mercies are new every morning.)


One thing is certain, you will never move forward if you are sitting still. Even God-given assignments require a commitment of personal energy and resources. Often people who fail to reach their destination remain sidelined because they never start again after a setback. People who have periods of wild success began to think that is the norm and so they wait for it to naturally happen again. Don’t be a victim of either mindset. Try something new. Find your passion again, get your vision in focus, be willing to take yet another risk — then get started again. 

I should also say that talking to people who have been stuck is a great way to get unstuck. The encouragement that you can start again often is exactly what you need to hear. And the way to find someone who’s been stuck? Simply find someone who has been around a while — and is now successful. Trust me, they’ve survived “stuck”.

Have you ever been stuck? How did you get unstuck?

Let your story encourage others.

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  • gtt1701 says:

    Thank you for this post. Amazing how simple it is to get stuck and lose sight of the way out. Blessings

  • Cindy says:

    Thank you for this Ron. I really needed to read this. I really feel that I am stuck and have been for a while. I keep thinking to myself that in His timing it will be the right time. I find that I get so frustrated waiting.

  • Jerry says:

    This site is stealing your content without linking.

  • Linda Dietz says:

    Hi Ron – thanks for your post. Excellent points! I was writing my own blog on nightime dreaming and getting unstuck and found your post an excellent addition and link in my article. Bless and LIght Linda Dietz

  • Sandy says:

    Ron, for two years I had a dream to move to NY (the beautiful country) start new. get a little place. start over. well I tried everything I could think of to do this. it never happened. but now I am at a point that I want God's will not my dreams. but I was told its ok to dream. how do you do both. what if my dreams aren't God's will for me?

    • ronedmondson says:

      Sandy, that's an important part…lining your dreams up with God's dream. I don't think we can ever "out dream" God's desires. Scripture actually confirms that (1 Cor 2:9). The key, I believe, is to be in a close enough relationship with God as father that we can know His voice, we are sensitive to His activity, and over time our thoughts become His thoughts. He will direct us when our dreams step away from His. I realize this sounds near impossible, but I believe it's developed over time. Read Isaiah 30:20-21.

      You may also read this post:

      Praying for you.

  • Kenny Silva says:

    Thanks for the post, Ron. I love the emphasis on re-starting. I cherish the value of being still for a moment in order to deliberately and prayerfully consider the next step. That "waiting period" is action in itself, but only when it leads to the next step. The trap I see people fall into is sliding back into that period of stillness and not emerging; failing to start again towards a new dream.

    I love your blog, Ron. I learn something great everyday. Thank you.