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My Plan for My New Church

By July 15, 2012Church, God
Ron Edmondson

Author Ron Edmondson

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  • I’ve got lots to share I need God to help me I know God want to do something big but something is against me and the devil can see that he is using people to pretend as if they care about me many are scared because of what I will see about them is like I’m in a trap every move I do is like something is with me watching everything I do let’s think if I am a child of God sure and a servant of God who win souls but how can I fall many times suffering to have the best I fail to understand time is moving but blessings are delaying I stay in South Africa at at Soweto place called protea)glen ext 3. I can write a book about many who have fallen any give up about God wants to do in he’s children most are gifted about to be preachers,the devil is every where but my country is to much as the Bible teaches people to be careful about false prophets things are bad but we put all to God as he says let’s not point fingers what hurts me witch craft that is following me when I’m sleeping I can’t even see what God wants because of the things are happening,but I pray that God you will take me out of this life our God is bigger I pray to take us out and give us place USA I pray for it.we are 5 of using pray God to help us is our dreams to go out.

  • jamatthew says:

    I'm a new pastor at a new church. I'm wondering. How did the strategy of having 7 task forces go?