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Saturday Dream Stretch: Local Church Vision

I have enjoyed the dream series the past few Saturdays. Thank you to all those that have participated in these posts.

Today I have a fun dream stretch. I am curious what some of these dreams will be. At my church, Grace Community Church, we are seeing God do amazing things. This post was inspired a result of that activity of God.  Somehow, I believe we have only scratched the surface of all God dreams for us to do.  (I’d love our people to participate in this dream stretch, as well as other churches.) This dream is more specific than last week’s world problem dream stretch. I want to hear your dream for the local church.

Here is today’s Saturday Dream Stretch:

If money, time, or volunteers were no limitation, what would you have your church be able to do? What dream do you have for your local church?

Go ahead….DREAM BIG! I don’t believe for a second you can out dream God.  As with previous dream stretches, please comment here on the blog, rather than to me through Facebook or Twitter, so everyone can read your response.

Are there any other dreams you’d like me to consider for a Saturday post?

You can still participate in past posts with the related posts links below this one.

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  • Art says:

    The greatest thing that would happen is the problem that arises when things are “easy.” We disconnect from the unity of challenges.
    One sentence response:
    “we would be a vessel without a heartbeat”
    In Christ

  • Mrs. W. says:

    Send a bunch of money to my favorite missionaries in Albania, and find a couple to move to Albania and help them because they really need some co-workers right now.

    Start a ministry organization with its own building in our area for the purpose of Christian churches gathering together so that we can find ways for the churches to join forces and help each other instead of competing or duplicating things that could be done more efficiently if we worked together. Even small churches could have a big impact and specialize in outreach ministry to the community if we worked together for the sake of Christ. Love INC is doing it in a city about 40 minutes away, but we need one here. For some reason, it is having a hard time getting off of the ground. I bet that unlimited financing and volunteers would help…

    • You always have great thoughts. I am hearing more often about ways to work together to avoid duplication of efforts and strengthen what we do. Thanks!

  • duffyaderks says:

    I was thinking of this very thing today. I am in the middle of starting and learning to blog, which I want to use as a tool to reach isolated people groups. For example the native population of Alaska. Many churches have no pastor. I would like to hook them up with internet feed to pastor the many fellowships and then continually make a circuit to all the churches to build discipleship relationships. My heart is to reach the men in these areas, because if we reach men, we will be able to reach families and whole towns for Christ.

    Servant evangelism will accomplish this vision and dream. Many in our world feel as if no one cares. If I care, the Holy Spirit can change lives.

    • ronedmondson says:

      I love this dream…and I think it's totally doable. There are so many places in the world without access to Biblical teaching. Great vision! Go for it!

  • Kathy says:

    Well, Instead of having one Grace Church in One location, we could have Two Grace Churches in two locations…. and You and Chad could rotate between churches… like you could preach same series sermons… just be on a rotation. Could double congregation size, double staff…well… Let me think some more about this.
    That was just the brainstorm idea I had as soon as I read your post.

    • ronedmondson says:

      Kathy, we have actually talked and prayed about this before, and it's something we may pursue at some point. Honestly we've grown so fast though, that we felt the need to mature a bit in one location before we launched into two. I love the dream though…thanks for encouraging us to keep ours alive.

  • Ashley Evans says:

    If money, time and volunteers were not a limitation we'd present the gospel to every person in the world, showing God's love through acts of service and sharing His love in their language. We'd end hunger, oppression, and poverty. We'd ensure everyone had an opportunity to an education. We'd also buy the world a Coke.

    • ronedmondson says:

      Love it Ashley! I'm checking out your church website now. I have a strong feeling you guys are going to play a part in accomplishing this dream! Praying for you as you launch. Love church planting. Thanks for your comment. If I'm ever in Tucson, I'll grab that please.

  • This is a hard question because there are a flood of ideas that come to mind and to channel them seems almost impossible. I'm going to attempt (however poorly it may end up) to sum it up in a descriptive word with an explanation. REAL: I'd be a part of a team that creates real ministry. I feel as if we (today's church) do ministries and programs that try to reach people on a mass scale because we can't manage the ammount of need and teaching on a personal level that most people desire and/or need. So if money, time and volunteers were not an option, it would be my dream that everybody (church and community would have the option to have real (personal and applicable) ministry avaiable to them. Everybody has different needs and desires, what would our communities be like if we could do minstry taylor made to them?

    • ronedmondson says:

      Mason, thanks for commenting. I was beginning to think no one had any dreams today. I like yours. I think it's a valid dream. Certainly not too big for God!