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I write a lot about leadership principles.  The bookshelves are full of leadership books.  There are wonderful principles about leadership that can help a person be a better leader.  I would encourage every leader or aspiring leader to continually learn from great leaders and attempt to develop and grow their leadership skills.

One principle of leadership that must be understood, however, is that every leader must develop his or her individual leadership style.  All leaders need to have a style that is unique to them.

Leaders should not use individuality as an excuse for inadequacy and excellence should be a standard for all leaders. There are key leadership principles, especially Biblical principles that no leader can ignore, but the goal should never be to carbon copy another person’s leadership style.  Just as every individual is unique in his or her personality, every leader will have uniqueness in his or her leadership style.  Great leaders figure out the style that works best for them to produce the greatest results.

Have you been trying to be someone else with your leadership style?

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