If you want to attract leaders for your team

Give them a problem to solve

If the answer is already found, you can hire a manager for that job…and you’ll need a good one. You’ll have other problems to solve and a good manager can free you up to lead.

But, to attract a leader…

Help them see a need…give them some freedom to find a solution…give them support…get out of the way…and let them go.

Leaders seek opportunities to lead

Challenge…opportunity…problems…something everyone says cant be done….

That’s an environment that fuels a leader’s energy. It’s what attracts a leader to your team.

Are you in an environment that attracts leaders? What makes it so?

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6 thoughts on “If you want to attract leaders for your team

  1. I think that we are all in an environment that attracts leaders. Life attracts leaders. We each have fears and challenges to overcome. If we can show courage, compassion and responsibility then we will overcome our fears, conquer our challenges and the world will be a better place.

  2. true! if you want problem solvers, give them problems to solve. If you want leaders, give them opportunities to lead.