5 Characteristics of Antiquated Leaders

Many leaders in senior positions these days developed their leadership style in another generation. This has produced a plethora of what I call antiquated leaders.

What’s important in leadership has changed from when I entered the field of leadership.

Leadership principles and practices have had to change because organizations and people have changed.

These leaders create tension in many organizations, including many churches today.

Here are some characteristics: 

Antiquated leaders keep people in a box.

There was once a day that through policies and rules you could control an employee’s actions. This is not true anymore. People won’t stay in a boxes these days, as they demand opportunities for growth.

Antiquated leaders control information.

Information is king and these days people have information available to them in the palm of their hands — literally. Today’s leaders must be free with transparent and current information – including what’s stirring in the leader’s mind and where the organization is going.

Antiquated leaders enforce waiting periods on young leaders.

Keeping young leaders at a distance won’t work anymore. Young leaders today want an opportunity to explore, take risks, and make an impact in the world — NOW; therefore successful leaders learn to tap into this energy.

Antiquated leaders assume a paycheck is enough motivation.

Today’s workforce demands more. They want to know they are doing good work and what they are doing is making a difference and is valued on the team. By the way, the annual company picnic won’t cut it anymore either.

Antiquated leaders make the work environment strictly business. 

The younger generation mixes business with pleasure, so they want to enjoy their workplace environment. Today’s leaders must learn to celebrate along the way to success.

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