Saturday’s Dream Stretch: One World Problem

It’s Saturday…time for another dream stretch! I promise not to take this into perpetuity, but I really do believe the world needs a few more dreams. You can read more about my thoughts in the first dream stretch post HERE.

Today’s dream stretch is a little tougher, but it’s a good one. I hope you will play along.

Answer this question:

If you could solve one world problem today, what would it be?

Dream big…remember that in dreaming there are no limits of money, time, knowledge, etc. Do you want to eradicate cancer? Are you ready to end the world of AIDS? Would your dream be clean water throughout Africa? Is poverty your issue? Be specific, yet dream big. What are you most passionate about solving?

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Thanks for dreaming with me. Is there another dream stretch idea I should consider?

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25 thoughts on “Saturday’s Dream Stretch: One World Problem

  1. There will be no more poverty in this world.. God blesses everyone to have a good living and a Holy Life 🙂

  2. Death. Oh, wait….. that one's already covered. All of the answers are good but I find myself thinking that we are missing the big picture, the one that only God can see. We could eliminate pain, but pain is important. It tells us to pull our hand away from the fire. It lets us know we need to see a doctor, or lose weight, or avoid certain hazards in the future. in many ways, these things are pain on a global/spiritual scale. God is well able to end any one or all of these problems, but they may serve a purpose at this point which we cannot fathom. Perhaps they exist as calls to action for the Church, so that we'll forget inconsequential differences that divide the body of Christ and focus on who we serve and what he wants for us…… I guess that would be something that I'd love to see end – the rivalry within the body of Christ that keeps us from working together as a single entity intent on being about the master's business. If that were to happen I think great inroads would be made in all of these areas.

    • I love your thoughts Benjamin. God does use tragedy, pain, struggles, and triumphs to draw us to Himself. I also agree that if we could eliminate the "divide", as you described it, we could accomplish so much more. Thanks!
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  3. My dream would be to get all kids off the streets so they wouldn't have to sell themselves for their next meal. And maybe find a way to help those who would prey on these young boys and girls because, like all of us, they are broken people, too.

  4. I would take the old hospital and turn it into a resource center for the homeless. A place where the homeless could have a shelter over their heads, a place where safe daycare would be provided for their children….so they could work and not worry about their children while they were trying to work. It would be a place where there could be free medical treatment, counseling, career counseling, financial counseling, and a training center for jobs. A place where the homeless can come to get a great meal… perhaps have a chance to get back on their feet…. It would be an environment of encouragement, and hope. We could call it the Hope center.

    • I love that idea Kathy. Great BIG dream. Are you familiar with Manna Cafe we are helping launch in Clarksville? Very similar concept to what you are suggesting. I should connect you. Love it!
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  5. The human race will fully know and understand God's absolute love and will seek Him with everything we have. The moment we realize and manifest God's absolute love is the moment evil loses. Isaiah 25:6-8 bings focus to my dream.

  6. Parents would realize how precious their children are and be better stewards of God's gift to them, raising their children with love and taking their responsibility to train them up Biblically much more seriously. If children are trained in the way they should go and properly nourished (spiritually, physically, emotionally, and intellectually), we will be able to, through Christ, overcome evil with good in our world.

  7. Children would be safe and healthy,they would never be hungry and they would know love. Their biggest fear would be a skinned knee and not finishing their homework.