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In my experience, it’s easier to hide bad leadership when an organization isn’t growing. However, with growth bad leadership becomes apparent. Therefore, leaders must grow as the organization grows. 

I’ve learned my leadership is stretched most when we are growing the fastest or changing the most. In those seasons, I am personally challenged as much as the organization. Consequently, my ability to continue to lead well is often called into question. Therefore, I personally feel the challenge.

As an organization grows and changes:

  • People ask harder questions.
  • More decisions have to be made quickly.
  • It is harder to find healthy rhythms.
  • Current systems need improving.
  • More people are needed to do the work – likewise they are often hard to find.
  • Leadership development becomes more important.
  • Effective delegation and management is necessary.
  • Resources are stretched.
  • Communication can be messy.
  • Tensions are higher.

Here’s the bottom line.

As an organization grows (and changes) leaders must grow.

And change

This can be sobering for leaders. But leadership is a sobering reality. Leaders must understand that continuing to grow an organization always requires a leader to continually grow.

In THIS POST I share some ways to grow as a leader.

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