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Transitions Coaching – A Part of 5T Leadership

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The way you begin a leadership position often determines the degree of success you will have in the position and the impact or value you will bring to the organization. Therefore, a part of 5T Leadership focuses on transitions coaching.

Having transitioned many times to new organizations and from different contexts (marketplace to ministry to nonprofit), I understand what it takes to begin (and end) well.  More importantly, I understand some things that will get in the way easily from being most effective. This offering can save organizations and leaders money, time and avoid missed opportunities.

So, I would love to help you transition well into your new leadership role.

There are couple of options for how we do this.

  • I can do this virtual or in-person. (Although more expensive, the in-person version will be the most effective method.)
  • We can focus on the first 90 days, the first six months, or the first year.


The process begins as we learn together the “lay of the land”. Then, I would help you develop a plan for the first year of leadership. Again, this is easier done in person, but can be done virtually.

This would involve things such as:  

  • Establishing realistic initial goals and objectives
  • Managing potential landmines and obstacles
  • Determining key stakeholders and a plan for engaging them
  • Ensuring a balance of work and family life is in place
  • Identifying key “wins” and navigating change effectively
  • Processing staffing issues – including the certain difficult ones leaders always face

Within the selected time commitment, we will communicate regularly during the defined period. Also, you will have access to me anytime for quick check-ins, and we will schedule a one-hour coaching call each month. 


The onboarding days are some of the most critical in the life of a leader beginning a new position. So, if you mess up getting started it is difficult to recover. 

Coaching will help a leader onboard well, protect the organization’s investment in recruitment, and give an added value to their service and tenure. 

I have coached some new leaders to request this to be included as a part of the hiring process. Request the church or organization build this into your first year as a new leader.

Also, in this Transition offering, I can help leaders and organizations with other transition needs:

  • Succession planning
  • Staffing recruitment
  • Search-team coaching

Teams. Turnarounds. Traction. Trust. (I’ll unpack them more in future posts.)

And Transitions. Send me a message HERE and we can talk details.

You can find more about my experience here: LinkedIn:

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