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5 Steps When Changes Needed Seem Overwhelming

The first couple years into church revitalization there were more opportunities than time. I was so excited about the potential we had to restore a historic, established church, but my calendar wouldn’t hold anymore and my mind was exploding.

One day I remember driving on the road which leads back to our hometown. I considered my schedule, the enormity of the challenge ahead, the dozens of emails awaiting a response and the people I was still having to say “no” to when they asked for my time – many who didn’t understand why the pastor couldn’t see them right away – and I turned to Cheryl and said, “Right now I wish I could just keep driving and this had been a nice little dream”. It wasn’t reality speaking or how I really felt. Plus, I knew to be obedient I was going to stay. It was emotions talking. I knew I was simply feeling overwhelmed.

In my new position, I have often felt similar emotions. Everyone is looking to me for answers, but some days I barely remember my name.

What do you do when you find yourself in that situation? When the changes are overwhelming – and you don’t know if you can do all expected of you – what do you do?

I hope you can learn from my experience. Here is what I tend to do in these moments.

5 steps when the changes needed seem overwhelming:

Step back.

Take a day. Take a week. Pause everything.

I realize it makes no sense to take a break when your schedule is packed, but stepping back gives you an opportunity to take a fresh look at the challenges ahead.

It may seem like you don’t have time to pause right now, but it may be you don’t have time not to do so. The time away will give you a better perspective, a clearer head and the rest will give you energy you need.

Get fit.

I used to tell our staff in a church plant (and in revitalization) that “you have to strive to be healthy to work here right now”. I think the same is true where I am now.

As much as it depended on me, I needed to be healthy spiritually, relationally, emotionally and physically. I needed to eat healthy, exercise, and maintain a healthy relationship with my wife. I also needed extended time in God’s Word and prayer. This was even more than usual a time for intentionality in living a healthy lifestyle.

Renew the vision.

When change is overwhelming you have to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. The why is the key. It’s what fueled you in the first place and what has the best potential to fuel you again.

I knew I was called to the church for a purpose. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure out that purpose, but I know God doesn’t make mistakes.

If you are overwhelmed at something God called you to do, ask God to renew again the passion you had in the beginning before you were overwhelmed.

Chart a course one step at a time.

Take baby steps. It’s how big change is accomplished. One foot in front of the other. And realize you’ll fall down a few times as you’re learning to walk in this season.

The bigger the change the more methodical you must be. One day. One week. One month at a time.

Particularly in a new role, but also in seasons of overwhelming change, I have to ask people to be patient with me and with the process. I have to prioritize each day. I have to not feel bad about saying no. I have to get up every morning, create a list of things I could accomplish for the day, and realize tomorrow would be a new day.

Learning to live a healthy pace may be a leader’s greatest challenge and most needed strength.

Invite people on the journey.

Delegation becomes even more important during overwhelming times in leadership.

If your world is like mine this pretty much equates to every season of ministry. In church revitalization, I was reminded over and over again the value of a team. I had to learn who I could trust, but I also have to take risks on people. I couldn’t then – and can’t now – be successful without others.

I made slow progress the first couple years. I was amazing how God blessed us in spite of our speed to obey, but the process seemed to work. God overwhelmed us – even in our times of being overwhelmed! And here I am again in a new season of the same.

If you are overwhelmed at the changes occurring in your life right now, I suggest these 5 steps.

Ever been overwhelmed at the changes needed – what suggestions would you offer?

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  • Tammy

    Great suggestions!

  • kathryn says:

    First, stop, and remember for a moment that it is not about you, or me, but about us. There are people who manage a 2 person company and feel overwhealmed. There are people who manage organizations of thousands and do not. So, my conclusion is that it is all about perception and the people who surround you and perform the tasks. I have been there and done that. No need to be too public at this time. That is why Immanuel has a staff and all those committees. They are there to do the work. You just have to trust them, and that should be fairly easy as they have been carrying the water for some time, and mostly in an exemplery fashion. It may be time to revisit that faith / trust post again. And, free yourself up. Remember, you are the Senior Pastor, and neither the CEO, CFO, Executive Secretary nor Head Chef. Oh yes, and everyone is trying to grab a piece of you then hold a 15 minute public Q and A once a week and let them ask away, like the interview sessions. Now go for a run and relax. Nothing wrong with the receptionist saying "he is out right now". We want you around for a while.

  • Greg Conley says:

    Right on brother! Great words of wisdom and they have confirmed what I've been thinking lately. My first step at this time is to step back, pause and reflect. I'm wired to keep going, to keep pushing forward and sometimes this is good. But I must stop, think, reflect, and really take the time and listen to God. God is speaking but am I truly listening. Thanks Ron!