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One Principle of Attaining Success in Life

Here’s a principle I’ve learned the hard way:

Sometimes the most successful are not the ones who do it perfectly but the ones who do it…

Whatever “it” is…

Many times we wait until the perfect timing, until all our questions are answered, or until the perfect set of circumstances are aligned before we move forward. In the meantime the world keeps moving and those who move, even though conditions are less than ideal, realize the victories others miss.

What dream, vision, call of God do you need to move forward on today?

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  • Ron!

    One cannot learn swimming without getting into water; And, one cannot learn driving without getting into vehicle. No one can say that I will get into water only after I learn swimming or I will get into vehicle only after I learn driving.

    In similar fashion, it is childish to say that I will do it when things are perfect. We need perform from where we are. Things will fall in line in due course.

    For absolute certainty is not feasible in all circumstances. Faith is important in all walks of our life.