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Costa Rica Report, Part 5 (Seeking Wisdom)

Our team of 5 men built and repaired a fence during our Costa Rica mission trip this week. We worked well together, developed great systems, and shared the same work ethics.

The generally agreed upon leader of our team was a man old enough to be my father. I know that, because he has a son my age. This trip Jay invested in me! What a blessing that has been!

I grew up most of my life without a father. My father was absent most of my childhood. (He died recently walking close to the Lord and happily married to my mother, but there have always been things missing in my life because of his early absence.) I have never been handy with my hands, and not certain I would be if I had been taught, but the fact is I missed the experience of a man teaching me simple things. I never learned things like how to properly use a drill, which tools were best for what, and how to best take a screw out of wood after the head pops off and the rest of the screw is left in the wood. Jay patiently taught me all those things this week.

This week, in many ways, I felt like I became more of a man. Certainly not that I needed those skills to be a man. I am pretty firmly established as a man, but there was a validation that occurred in me this week that I have what it takes!

Thanks Jay! I came to Costa Rica to for you to invest in me!

Have you ever had someone intentionally invest in you? If you are a man who understands what I mean (and many do), be honest with me, do you need that now?

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  • Claude says:

    Hi Ron

    Me too I grew up with an absent father. Me too I am now struggling to plant a straight nail. This is an awful feeling. Now, for every little piece of work that I have to do I must seek help and sometime pay a high price for it. In my new year's resolution I only wrote four words: Agility, a goal to become a faster thinker, Autonomy, a goal to become more independent in all my work, Efficiency, a goal to learn how to measure twice and cut once and finally, simplicity, a goal to learn to do more with less.
    Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. God Bless