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Costa Rica Report, Part 1

By January 10, 2011Culture, Missions

This is my first trip to Costa Rica.  We are here to support missionaries Jason and Kerby Haprst, who gave up careers and left our church to join the Abraham Project here in Costa Rica.  (You can read their story HERE.)  Sunday I was privileged to speak at  Lighthouse Community Christian Church, where it’s Pastor Jorge Gomez first had a vision for the church and the Abraham Project.  I love watching big faith and action come together and this is certainly such an example.

If you have never experienced worshipping in another culture and language, I highly recommend it some time.  I stood in the back of the room, waiting for my part of the program, and I was literally moved to tears.  I’ve had this blessing many times in other countries, but I never get tired of getting what must be a glimpse of Heaven, when every nation joins together in worship of our God.

Pray for us this week as the work of the team begins.

Have you ever worshipped in another culture or language? Tell me about it.

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  • Nehemiah says:

    I haved worship the lord in another culture and language in Nicaragua close to costa Rica and its actually where i first became a Christian and accepted jesus into my life it was through a friend with who i’d play chest with and i started to grab the bible with great hunger i read the whole bible over and over threw out the whole reading i cried i laughe i smiled i got upset and happy i felt like i was living every moment beside the prophets in the bible it was awsome better then anything at that time i was in my room one day back in California. And my mother walked in and seen me crying because the lord had baptize me with his holy spirit and spoke some gentle kind words to me and my own family would say you are going crazy all you do is talk about god you dont smoke you don’t do drugs you dont do anything except if its about jesus stop quit praying and talking about the lord when my mother would things like that i knew it wasnt her because of what it says in EPHESIANS 6:10 -18

  • @drewdsnider says:

    Will you be going to La Carpio — aka "Samaria" — in San Juan?

  • @drewdsnider says:

    There is a small but growing church in Vancouver founded by immigrants from Congo, and I got to join them for a service last summer. The sermon was given in English but with a Swahili interpreter, and with the music, the Scripture reading and the wild, unabashed worship, the whole thing was an explosive, Spirit-charged, love feast for God.

  • @Bryankr says:

    I had a WONDERFUL opportunity to go to Helena-West Helena on a Mission trip; While there, we had a chance to Worship with 7 different denominations! Worship was out of this world, to say the least! I have never seen anything like it before; it was amazing!

  • JasonWert says:

    Did you preach in Spanish?

  • Bethany Goss says:

    I have worshipped in Kosovo with ethnic Albanians. It was then I realized that God is not an American and our way of doing things isn’t the “right” way! A very eye-opening, moving experience.