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Costa Rica Report, Part 2

By January 11, 2011Missions

Yesterday was our first official “work day” at the Abraham Project.  (Read more about this trip HERE and HERE.) Everyone has their own assignments, but mine today was helping rebuild a fence. It was a long task. I’m not accustomed to working with my hands, but this was kind of fun.

The best part was the connections I made with people in my church who worked with me. These men can sling a hammer, but they can also talk about life. One on our team is several years older than me. I’m gleaning from him this week. One statement he made, “I’ve learned it’s not as important what you do as how you do it.” That was in regards to things like building a fence, but I’m certain there are some life applications as well.

Another blessing this week…I have to get out of the country to receive this one…is that I’m going all day without checking emails, or receiving phone calls and emails. I did get back to the room to find 65 emails waiting for a reply, but the break was good…and needed!

This trip is turning out…as every mission trip does…to include me receiving more than I am giving.

Do you ever find that serving others gives you a greater blessing than the ones you are serving receive?

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  • I find myself more blessed especially when I teach and mentor others as a teacher rather than learning as a student.

  • Bowmanave says:

    Eating out in Costa Rica is hardly a looked-forward-to event.
    It's pretty much "gninid enif," i.e. "fine dining" spelled backwards. In the 10 years I've resided there I have had some exceptional meals. But every one of the restaurants no longer exists.

    Even first-class tourist hotels aren't willing to pay for a gifted chefs for the few weeks of high tourism.

    One cafe I frequently return to for lunch is Cafe Torino in Escazu. The chef is serious about what he's doing. Soups and desserts are first rate and so is the pleasant wait staff.

  • Janet says:

    Always! I love mornings like today when God gives me lots of spontaneous projects that need to be done to help His people. I've spent the morning helping one of our Pastor's wives find a way to get to her sick daughter in LA, I've spent an hour praying over the Pastor's Conference that is also happening in Costa Rica with the Brook Ministries and am about to head to church to work on some data entry for the youth group. It is so rewarding to have a "job" where I can help where God needs me to help that day! So much joy from knowing that He has me in a unique spot at a unique time to help support His work here on earth.

    Enjoy Costa Rica! If you get time tomorrow (Wed) night and you can get to Atenas, CR (about 20 minutes outside San Jose) you and your team can be part of helping launch a new English speaking church service at Iglesia Biblica de Atenas. It starts at 7 PM and Stuart and Jill Briscoe will be speaking. For more info:

    Best wishes and lots of prays! Janet

  • JasonWert says:

    Absolutely. The feeling of living out Jesus to others just fills you up in a way nothing from the world can equal.

  • Lori Graham says:

    Hey, I've been wanting a fence! Looks like you are now the man!