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Marriage Couple Dreaming

By February 8, 2010January 27th, 2014Encouragement, Family, Marriage

One way to strengthen and protect your marriage is for the couple to share some common dreams…

Some time back, I started a series of posts on dream stretching. You can read that post HERE. I believe dreaming is a healthy practice, because it stretches the mind and imagination and keeps life from becoming routine or stale.

I have tried to practice this principle in my marriage. Cheryl agrees with this principle also, but since I am the one better wired for dreaming, one year I gave Cheryl a set of large letters for her office that simply spelled the word DREAM. It serves as a reminder to her that we want to continue to dream together as a couple.

Let’s be honest. Routines can settle into a marriage and the relationship can become dull and even boring if not cultivated. (Not mine, of course, but yours could. HA!) The fact is most of us live mundane lives unless something tragic or unexpected comes along. Isn’t one of the things that made dating so much fun exploring the unknown about each other together?

One solution to boredom in marriage is to have some new dreams together. The dreams may never come true, and yet they might, especially if you work towards them. The most important value, however, is that dreaming will help keep the creative energy flowing in your marriage, keep the marriage relationship fun and protect either spouse from boredom.

What is a dream you and your spouse have together?

What dream have you buried? Could your marriage use a new dream?

Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself again as a couple, explore some unknowns (on purpose) and bring some new life into the marriage.

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  • Having a great a married life is a dream of every person. There are so many different factors of successful marriage. That's a relationship purely based on realization.

  • Dreams are the fuel for a Success, so keep dreaming my friends, wish you all the best..

  • Larry and I wanted a child together almost immediately after getting married in 2002. After much prayer and planning we went through a cycle of in vitro. The cycled failed and we briefly succumbed to period of grief. We quietly settled into our life with our very loved blended family. About a year later we were talking about every day husband/wife things when suddenly having a child became the subject. We were scared, excited and truthfully very skeptical. We were so cautious about being hopeful. Prayer was a constant source of comfort and safety. Larry prayed over me every night and then we went through the cycle. We conceived and every night my husband would lay his hands on me and pray for my health and life of our child. It was an easy pregnancy and easy delivery. The Lord blessed us with Katie and she has become the glue within our family. We are better parents to ALL of our children. She is a dream come true.

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  • Victoria York says:

    The Lord made it clear before Kenny and I got married that His key reason for bringing us together was to realize the dreams that He had given Kenny. My dreams blended with his, since I too wanted to spend my life on the poor. So we’re actually living our foremost dream through Manna Café even as we dream up additional ones. It’s an journey to say the least. It’s scary, inconvenient, exhausting, and difficult, but it’s also astounding and humbling. We’re required to work through the tough stuff by remembering that our dream began in the heart of God. We’re part of the same great adventure, and we’re never bored, that’s for sure! I would encourage every couple to not only dream but also to take the steps to bring your dreams to fruition. P.S.: I love these blogs! Thank you…!

  • Keep God First says:

    Little dreams work, too. Dreaming of something to surprise my husband when he comes home from work, something to make his day out of the ordinary, or thinking up something we can do together that we never did before- these are often much more fun for both of us than trying to make big dreams materialize.