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What To Do When The Changes Needed Are Overwhelming

If you are like me you want to see consistent improvement in your organization.  Sometimes I can be overly critical because I have such high hopes and expectations for us as a church.  At times I can become a bit overwhelmed with all the things I think need to be tweaked, completely overhauled or killed altogether.

When those times occur, if a leader is not careful, the burden of trying to change too much at once can actually have the reverse impact. Nothing gets changed, everything stays the same, and the organization suffers.  The leader cannot get everything accomplished so nothing gets accomplished.

Here is an easy solution to the sense of overwhelming need for improvement  in an organization:

Concentrate on one needed change, work to get that change implemented, then move to another change.

Sounds simple, but it will dramatically improve your success rate…and your organization.

What is the ONE change for improvement you need to get started on today?

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