7 Things I Should Have Taught My Sons

I was reflecting the other day (which is something I seem to do a lot lately) on my life and the way God has used me to impact my two sons. Cheryl and I have been “intentional” parents. I know all parents are intentional in what they do, but what I mean is that we parented with an intentional purpose; to mold young men who passionately love and serve God with their lives.

As I think about the men they are becoming, by God’s grace, that goal is being accomplished. The thought occurred to me, however, that as much as I’ve tried to teach them directly and indirectly; by word or by modeling, much of life is learned by experience. With that thought, I realized there are life principles I know not because someone taught me, but because I lived them.

These are things I want my boys to know, but I don’t think I ever taught them:

  • There are some things in life you will never understand and I can’t explain them to you.
  • The lust for a woman can destroy your life. Be careful.
  • You need other men in your life. I can only take you so far. Always surround yourself with men you aspire to be like and let them invest in you.
  • You need to invest in other men; especially those younger than you.
  • Be willing to risk everything to follow God’s call on your life now; while you are young. (Then never get too old for this principle.)
  • Always be a dreamer. It keeps you young; plus your dreams for your life will never be bigger than God’s vision for your life.
  • The greatest things in life money can’t buy.

I may think of more, but these are on my heart today.

What do you wish you could teach your children?

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