3 Critical Learning Environments

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I believe in lifetime learning. The best leaders I know are always learning something new.

If you’ve followed this blog long you know I tend to like simplification. Some would say over-simplification. I like information presented in an easy to understand and follow format.

So…if you want to be a lifetime learner…

Here 3 learning environments:

Learning by experience – This is where you learn by doing. It could be during success or failure. Life is a great teacher. You can’t necessarily avoid this one. It happens. You do get to choose your reactions to the experience you learn. Choose well.

Learning by influence – This is where mentoring takes place. It’s gaining insight through another person’s wisdom, often gained by their experience or education. You can easily avoid this one. Ignore help. Dismiss advice or constructive criticism. Or, you can welcome input. Find mentors. Glean from others. Let iron sharpen iron. Choose well.

Learning by education – This can be classroom or text book learning. It may be at a conference or seminar. It’s acquiring more academic knowledge. This is a choice too. Choose well.

That’s the three I’ve experienced in my journey. All three have been vital to shaping who I am as a person, pastor and a leader. I have learned I must be intentional if I’m going to continually be learning in each of these ways.

Which one are you missing most at this time? Do you need to better learn from your own experience? Do you need to find a mentor? Do you need to take a class or start reading more?

I’d strongly recommend you not miss any of the three.

Are there other learning environments I failed to mention?

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25 thoughts on “3 Critical Learning Environments

  1. Learning by motivation is also a big part of learning i think for everything you do you require motivation to do that without motivation you cant be successful.

  2. All the critical learning environment are awesome but i prefer to learning by education and learning from experience. Everybody have their own choice conclusion paragraph transition words writing conclusions writing conclusion but i share my opinion with you.

  3. I admire the precious information you offer in your articles. I'll bookmark your blog .We are quite sure can learn several new stuff here than anybody else

  4. In the small dice image very great information is delivered that is learn then success and then lead. On the other hand it can be said learn leads to success. So basic thing is learning and it is possible only if environment is very comfortable. There are majority of people who are failure due to unsuitable learning environment and cannot succeed in life. You can review this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCSEQ7f_Vfw for assistance which will build learning interest in you.

  5. Environment depend very much on your learning process. For students it should be very comfortable and tranquil so that they can learn with full conscience. The three critical learning environment highlighted by you are best to know for teacher and for parents. You can look at this web-site essay writing help which is equally fit for learning process for people of all ages. According to my opinion learning by experience is the best environment for learning.

  6. Your blog is a great one. What really impresses me is that you are correctly mentioned that there are thousands of tools that are available to create a website or launch one but what matters is that you fit the fat one, the one that gives you all that is actually needed.

  7. Accidental! These are the ones you can't choose, but, tend to show up at the most inconvienent times. When you are pressed for time, late for a meeting. Something is said that sparks a note of memory. Something you have prayed about on many occaisions but could never really put your finger on, they say it, almost, in passing. If we're not careful, it will pass us by! We can't choose this one, but we can choose howmwe react to it, choose wisely!
    Twitter: bryankr