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Do you want to be a part of a healthy team? I have some phrases I use to indicate a healthy team.

Do you like simple? This is really simple.

In fact, perhaps we’ve made this more complicated than it has to be. I think there are values we can strive to attain which can help make our teams healthy.

Let’s be honest, in team dynamics – just as in relationships – there are seasons when things are better than other times. But over the course of months and years we should be able to identify a healthy team. You certainly know one when you serve on one. Or know when you don’t.

I have noticed a few key things which are taking place when I’m on a healthy team – and I put them in 10 simple phrases.

10 phrases which point to a healthy teams:

  1. Relationships matter more than structures or systems.
  2. A titles never determines the importance of a person’s voice.
  3. Fluent communication is highly valued and questions are encouraged.
  4. Conflict isn’t avoided, but resolved and then used to make the team stronger.
  5. Everyone embraces and loves a common interest (vision).
  6. A person’s character is equal to their intellect or abilities.
  7. The team rallies in unity when times are tough.
  8. Recognition is shared with everyone.
  9. Enjoying the journey is part of the DNA and activities are planned accordingly.
  10. Diverse personalities and work styles among the team are welcomed and appreciated.

Give a point for each one. How many does your team score?

Which of these does your team most need to improve upon?

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