RELP – Episode 13 – Values for Teams I Lead

In this episode of The Ron Edmondson Leadership Podcast, Ron and Nate some values for teams Ron leads.

After years of leading in different contexts, I (Ron) realized there were common things I have to have in order for teams I lead to be healthy and effective. Regardless of the setting – in business, government, nonprofits or church, I want our team to have these values. So, I began to put them in a list and share them with our team.

I even title them my non-negotiable values, which I explain in the podcast.

Your values may not be my values. And that is perfectly okay. I do believe, however, that your team will benefit from knowing what is important to you as their leader.

In this episode, we discuss values for teams I lead.

I hope this episode helps you be a better leader.

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