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RELP – Episode 10 – Ten Dangerous Distractions For A Pastor or Leader

In this episode of The Ron Edmondson Leadership Podcast, Ron and Nate discuss Ten Dangerous Distractions For A Pastor or Leader.

Unfortunately, so many who used to be pastors no longer hold the position. Many of them fell into what I call a dangerous distractions for a pastor.

Sometimes it isn’t a blatant sin. Often it is a casual drifting that gets pastors in trouble. Often it is simply a distraction from what matters most.

I can’t address everything that gets in the way of being a healthy pastor, but there are more common ones in my experience.

And many of these are also dangerous for any leadership position, which is why I expanded the title to pastor – and leaders. It is difficult enough to lead these days in trying times, we should certainly try to avoid things we know will get in the ways. These I’ve learned from experience.

So, in this episode, here are 10 dangerous distractions for a pastor or leader.

I hope this episode helps you be a better leader.

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