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Waiting For What’s Next Doesn’t Mean You Do Nothing

Inactivity rarely produces anything. If you are in a time of waiting – even waiting on God – that doesn’t always mean there is nothing for you to do.

In John 2:4, Jesus said, “My time has not yet come”. He was in a time of waiting, yet He continued to act on what He could do. He continued carrying out His Father’s work as He was sent to do.

When you are in a time of waiting – Do what you know to do today. 
Take initiative towards change you know you should or hope to make.

If you’re waiting for a new career opportunity, for example, polish up your resume, make some networking connections, take a class to develop new skills, or read books in the field in which you hope to explore or grow.

But don’t do nothing.

In Joshua 3, the priests had to get in the water before it started to part. You may have to get “in the water” first, before you start to see results.

Nehemiah 4:9 says, But we prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night…” They were depending on God, but they did what they knew made sense to do at the time.

I am not suggesting you try to force things, especially when you are waiting on God. Plus, a good season of wait develops patience and character, but often when I do what I already know to do the destination becomes clearer to me, God unfolds a next step, and I feel I am at least making some progress.

What action do you need to take today?

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  • charles says:

    i will do just as you said been waiting for almost 6months, pls pray for me and my family .

  • charles says:

    I belived the Holy Spirit lead me to read this post am so greatful pastor, at the moment am at the waiting period everything seems as if God has not called me for a purpose but i know within me i was asked to move on by the spirit of God and now i and my family are waiting on God word. If i may ask should i begin by starting something toward planting a miistry or what should i do while waiting?

    • ronedmondson says:

      I think we do what we know to do today, then wait for God's spirit and bet Him to answer us. If God has asked you to move…move quickly. If you sense nothing, then wait and plead.

  • charles says:

    thanks for this post

  • Jon says:

    My problem has always been in knowing how to proceed. I've written in these pages about the issues in my marriage. I've really tried to give it over to God. But what does that mean? And does that mean that I take my hands completely off the wheel and let Him drive? Do I just sit and pray or do I interact with my wife and at what level? I've tried just doing nothing except praying. That doesn't seem to get me much of anywhere. Right now I try to interact with her without being a pest. That has had some minor positive faces, but truthfully they are so minor as to almost be non-existent. The one thing I do try is to present to her everyday the positive face of a committed loving Christian husband. And I try and wait patiently for His will to be done in her heart. But that waiting is very lonely and I wish so much that I would see some really concrete positive something from her heart, but no, and still I wait. So then I begin to ask am I doing too much, or not enough, or perhaps not the right thing. Just wish I knew for sure what the right thing is.

    • ronedmondson says:

      Finding that balance is always difficult. Follow your heart. You seem to have a good one. Also, make sure you are surrounding yourself with wise people and sharing your heart with them. Sometimes others can read our situation better than we can. Praying for you.

  • I like the phrase, good things come to those who are patient. This is time between sowing and reaping. As you state, this does not mean to sit idle, we must continue to press on as Gal 6:9 states. My plan is to continue writing and teaching leadership to others in my time of patience.

  • "Do what you know to do today…Take initiative towards change you know you should make…" I am flabbergasted by the truth in those words.

  • Rizzon says:

    This all I had to hear, I'm in this process of waiting on God, and I'm doing exactly what you sugested. Thanks for the article
    Carlos Rizzon

  • Johnie Stafford says:

    I heard a great illustration about this.

    Pregnancy: We wait on God to bring the miracle of birth. But we paint the nursery while we’re waiting!