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7 False Thoughts of a Pastor or Church Planter

Now almost a year after serving as a full-time vocational pastor, I realize how many demands there were on the position. There are pressures from church members, staff, and the community, but most of the stress – as I reflect back, was self-induced on my part.

As I have worked with hundreds of pastors now, I realize there are many false thoughts a pastor can allow to drift in their mind if they aren’t careful.

Here are 7 false thoughts of a pastor and church planter:

If we build it, they will come.

They might. They might not. Actually it is when God builds it that they will come.

We need to pay someone to do this – or – we need outside support. 

You could – and you might, but chances are there are people with margin in their schedule, looking for a place to serve, who don’t necessarily need your money right now, as much as they desire the opportunity.

And the money is often in the mission. Some people have to be made aware of a need before they support it.

People will give when they are ready.

This one is equally true. Because the false belief is that they will. They won’t. Period. You’ll have to encourage people to give. You need to give them a reason to give. Provide them opportunity. Teach them the value of giving.

BTW, that’s called discipleship.

Some of these people will always stay.

Not true. Some people will leave even if you do everything the way they wanted you to do them. And some people have been waiting for an excuse to leave and the change you make will help them make the decision easier.

I need to know everything that’s happening in my church.

You could try, but the church would stay very small and the potential of the church will be very limited. And I like to ask myself what is in me, which makes me feel I need to know or control everything. (It is often pride or selfishness.)

They couldn’t do this without me. 

Yea, that sounds impressive, but it is not true. At all. In fact, the more we think it the less it’s probably true.

I’m responsible for everyone’s spiritual maturity.

You’re not. Your role is to teach. You are to be a model. But God’s spirit grows people as they yield to Him.

Any you would add?

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