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Solid Advice for Young Leaders from Dr. Billy Graham

My friend coach Craig Candeto is a former Navy standout quarterback. He’s still a young man, but he’s already started an impressive career as a coach. Currently he’s coaching quarterbacks for the Citadel. In addition to being a great football player and coach, Craig is a solid believer. He lives his faith boldly in all he does.

Recently, Cheryl and I were visiting with Craig and his wife Maribeth, and Craig told me a story of meeting Billy Graham recently. Craig was invited as part of FCA with a few other coaches to go to Dr. Graham’s house in the mountains and visit with the famous evangelist.

He said Dr. Graham was frail, obviously weakened from how most of us think of Billy Graham, but he was gracious, gentle, and still very alert.

One of the coaches asked Dr. Graham a question.

What word of advice would you have for guys like us, just beginning our careers and still young in our faith?

The young coaches expected something profound from the famed pastor, but Dr. Graham frailly and simply answered:

Read your Bible and pray everyday.

Did you catch that? Was it too fast for you? Should I write it again?

Read your Bible and pray everyday.

Wow! Deep!

Billy Graham, after years of influencing others with the Gospel, encouraged these men with what was most important in developing themselves longterm as believers.

Spend time with God everyday!

Here’s my take on Billy Graham’s encouragement:

Don’t try to make it more complicated than it is. Sometimes simple is the most profound.

Read your Bible and pray everyday.

You got it? Any questions?

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  • Pastor Lee Holder says:

    I have been blessed to meet and talk with Dr. Graham on a couple of occasions, and he's someone, once met, you'll never forget. If I may give an example. I was involved in one of Dr. Graham's crusades for Christ, and the leadership was invited to join Dr. Graham for a luncheon. Most were already seated when Dr. Graham entered the dining hall. As he walked into the room, he held the door for those behind him, a sign of a true servant. But what I remember most … We've all seen those who "act" sure of themselves with an air of arrogance, but then there are those few who are so comfortable in themselves and in Christ that they needn't "act" sure. Dr. Billy Graham has such a level of comfort in himself and in Christ, that he glows with peaceful confidence.

    Those words you quote in this short article are a reminder of another saying…

    "Preach the gospel in all circumstances — when necessary, use words."

    Thank you for this reminder that a growing walk with God does not require a mystical, magical formula, but is as simple as that — "Read your Bible and pray every day."

    God's Love,
    Pastor Lee Holder

  • Josh Mann says:

    That goes for everyone! not just young leaders.

    Josh Mann

    • ronedmondson says:

      I agree. But it's the bulk of my audience and that's who he was advising. Much like when Jesus taught the disciples, but it applies to us also, this advice is universal. Thanks.

  • Eric

    This sounds too easy but it is the best advice. It has surely changed my life. I wouldn't be where I am today without my relationship with God.

  • I agree! Read your Bible and pray everyday. That's the foundation which we need to build upon.

    It would be great if we can go the extra mile
    — Walk and lead a faith life.
    — Be a doer of Word of God in one's daily life.

  • Margo says:

    What simple—but totally true—advice! It's something that I've strived to do since I was in my teens, and it's something that I try to teach my students. Spending time with God and the Bible each and every day is the only way to build a relationship with Him. Thank you for the reminder!

  • Melissa says:

    Great advice…TV news is overwhelming right now….I think I will do that very thing…. Praying for Colorado…