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Five Minute Challenge: Persecuted Church

By February 8, 2012Christians, Church, Jesus

This week I’m at Moody Founder’s Week. It’s a Bible conference put on by Moody Bible Institute that I’ve come to for several years, especially since my son Nate is a student here. One of the underlying themes this year has the persecution of Christians around the world. I’ve read recently that Christians are under more persecution today than any time in church history.

Then, my friend Tami Heim tweeted that she was praying for the Christians of Uzbekistan. I’ll be honest, I don’t know that I ever prayed for anyone in Uzbekistan. Then I followed the link she provided and realized it’s part of an initiative called the Five Minute Challenge. I signed up. You can too. In fact, I think you should.

HERE is a list of the 50 most-watched countries for church persecution.

Watch this video and then go HERE.

Do you ever pray for persecuted Christians?

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  • In India, three/ fours ago, churches across the province, of Orissa was persecuted and all the beleivers in that province were attacked badly and they started flying to forests to save their life.

    I can never forget the agony of those people. So, at times in special occasions, I think and pray about persecuted people. (Now, I feel that I should be praying for this regularly.)