Is Suicide an Unforgivable Sin? Will It Send One to Hell?

Suicide sucks!

I realize this is a heavy issue for this blog, but seriously, I have had to sit with people several times after a loved one committed suicide. I have had to do funerals for those who have taken their life.

Suicide is NEVER the right solution, but a clouded or confused mind may see suicide as the only way out of their situation or the trap of emotions in their mind.

The reality is, however, suicide is never easy reconcile for the people left behind.

I believe one of my dearest pastor friends died of a broken heart after his son committed suicide. Sadly, suicide appears to be on the rise.

Let me say it again:

Suicide sucks!

This post is not aimed for those who have ever considered suicide.

If you are at all thinking of taking your life STOP and call for help NOW!!! Dial 1-800-273-8255. Please! 

This post is for those who are victims of knowing someone who has taken his or her life.

One of the things I hear after a suicide breaks my heart. Families are often left wondering what happened to their loved one. Well-meaning people often repeat something they’ve heard before – that friends and family members who commit suicide are destined to be separated from Jesus the rest of their lives. They assume that suicide is the unforgivable sin – that it is an automatic entrance to Hell.

I’ve encountered people who struggle for years with the thoughts that their loved one died apart from Jesus. The only problem with that assumption is that I can’t prove it in the Bible.

Yes, suicide is a sin.

Life is precious to God. Every life. Murder is a sin. Taking a life is a sin. Suicide is a sin.

(Again, if you are thinking about suicide, please don’t resort to that. There is always a better way.

If you are at all thinking of taking your life – STOP and call for help NOW!!!)

But suicide is NOT the unforgivable sin.

The grace of Jesus Christ is sufficient even for this sin.

I’m fully convinced there will be brothers and sisters in Christ who are in Heaven, who were experiencing terrible trials, who felt trapped or helpless, who were so depressed, so heavy-burdened, and who made a bad decision – they took their life, but they fully believed that Jesus was the only answer for their salvation.

Jesus describes the unforgivable sin in Matthew 12:22-32. It says nothing about suicide.

I know this is a delicate issue. You might read THIS POST or THIS POST I found which addresses this issue in better detail.

I’m praying for those struggling with this issue as I post this…

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  • […] This was inspired by Ron Edmondson’s article “Is Suicide an Unforgiveable Sin? […]

  • […] This was inspired by Ron Edmondson’s article “Is Suicide an Unforgiveable Sin? […]

  • Matt Davis says:

    Very well stated. Desperation in the trigger to so many sins… drugs,alcohol,illicit sex, and yes suicide but this is not the unforgivable sin. It is a tragedy of lost hope. If you are feeling this hopelessness reach out to someone there are people who care. If you have lost someone who was a believer to suicide you will see them again because Jesus has overcome sin.

  • Bryan K

    I really appreciate this post! We had some in my area (1 was a teen) that took their own lives. We made the sad mistake of inviting a “professional” from a local office to speak to our Youth group in hopes she might shed a light on the subkect, we STILL don’t know anything! She spoke for 45 min and was so busy being politcly safe, she ne ver really said a word. When it was all over, the kids had a few questions that repeated:Why did they do this? Why didn’t they love me enough to stay? Did I not love them enough? One of those questions still brings tears! I still don’t have any answers! They were hurting so much, I was clueless. The only thing any of us knew to do was to sit and pray and cry with them for as long as they would let us! I haven’t read the blogs you spoke of earlier, yet. I’ll take anything I can get and share it with my fellow workers.

  • Great post.
    I agree that grace covers even this.
    I have been asked this in grace seminars many times.
    It is fearful to consider what someone might do it f you give them license, but we must be true to the grace of God.
    I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the unforgivable sin sometime – I get asked that one too
    Will be looking for that post.

    • ronedmondson says:

      I'd have to see if I have a whole post in me on the unforgivable sin. I believe it's denying Christ. Let me think what more I would say about that.

      • chrislautsbaugh says:

        I asked cause like suicide, this is something I get asked about lots when speaking about grace. So many people fear that they have committed it.

        Maybe I'll put it on my list to blog on…..I'll send you a link 🙂

        • ronedmondson says:

          Awesome. I will think about it. I came up with a few thoughts.

          • Hi Ron
            I took some time this weekend to compile my thoughts on the Unforgivable Sin into a blog post. Check it out:

            I mentioned this article as some inspiration for it. Hope you get a few links from my post. Your site is loaded with great articles!


          • ronedmondson says:

            Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Likewise I hope you get some hits. This post, although it's older, is still a much searched for and has high traffic

  • @AldoMoller says:

    Thanks Ron.

    God's grace is unsurpassed! I had a Pastor friend from a Latin American country, he was found by his family at their hanging from the ceiling. When my wife and I heard the news, we were devastated and wondering over his decision to do this. We could not help but to think about last time we saw him when he came over to Canada; a day or two before returning to his native country, we had such a beautiful time of fellowship around our table having breakfast. Next thing you know, he was gone. We asked then , WHY?

    I agree with your reply to Ben and hope too that it would not be viewed as such!

  • Karl says:

    thanks so much! Within the pst three months I've officiated at two funerals for people who took their own life. It's such a struggle to find the words that let the family and friends know that suicide is not the unforgivable sin and at the same time not give the impression that I condone it, or suggest that it's a viable option. I know some families who are grieving…if you come across any more resources, please post them.

  • Rindy Walton says:

    This topic needs to be talked about again & again. I wrote a blog post in 2007 (… )on this and it still remains one of the most read posts. Every day, 'suicide & Christianity' is a topic that is one of the most searched topics. It needs to be talked about. People need to understand they're not alone. Thank you for addressing this!

  • Ben Reed

    This is such a needed post, Ron. This is incredibly helpful if you've ever known someone who's battled, or committed, suicide…and I've known a handful. Thanks for posting.

    • ronedmondson says:

      Thanks Ben. Sadly I heard from a woman this week who lost her father this way years ago and she's wrestled with this most of her life. She had a harder time trusting a God who would dismiss her troubled father because he made a horrible mistake.

      Of course, my hope would be that no one reading this would ever see this as a license or excuse to do something like this, but I do hope it's a comfort to those left behind.

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