What if Church…

By July 24, 2011Christians, Church

…was not just about me?

Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Philippians 2:4

What if…

Instead of going to be encouraged…we went to encourage others…

Instead of hoping to sing my favorite song…we hoped to sing “their” favorite song…

Instead of looking to be served…we intentionally served others…

Instead of waiting to be welcomed…we welcomed others first…

Instead of asking to be prayed for…we sought to pray for others…

Instead of going to receive a blessing…we went to be a blessing…

What difference would it make in our church experience? 

Of course, church is ultimately not about either of us…it’s about Jesus…

But, church is also where people who want to make much of Jesus gather to grow, fellowship and worship Jesus…

So, I wonder how our church experience would be made different, if we approached it considering the interest of others…

Just wondering…

What do you think? 

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  • williamhowell says:

    This is so true. Community would be much better facilitated if God's people actively sought to minister to others instead of being ministered to! Ultimately, I think it would start a cycle where even those people who are actively pursuing others needs would get ministered to in the same way. Excellent thoughts!

  • Barrett says:

    Great post- I dwelt on it during church on Sunday. I worshiped with a different perspective. Thanks, Ron!

  • Definitely my prayer for everyone in my church and for all local churches. Great post Ron.

  • love this, and a good reminder. easy to fall into a consumeristic mentality in church these days.

  • Jen says:

    Great thoughts, Ron. I have a few to add that have been on my heart lately…

    Instead of viewing church as a building or an event to attend to… we started to BE the church 7 days a week.

    Instead of seeking safety and comfort in our churches… we embraced the adventure of taking risks for the sake of advancing the gospel and His Kingdom.

    Instead of expecting only the church leaders and pastors to make disciples… We ALL acknowledged our OWN personal responsibility to courageously pursue the mission of making disciples.

  • mark_runs

    Great post! Point out the fact that too many times I attend church for ME and not to worship.

    Instead of asking to be prayed for…if we sought to pray for others…
    I pray selfish prayers.

    Instead of going to receive a blessing…we went to be a blessing…
    I make it all about me.

    Great message! Praying for you and all leaders this morning.

  • Bryan

    What a great way to begin the morning! Going to Morning Worship with this notion on our minds; I like it! Thanks!

  • John Harris says:

    I preached a sermon once called "When The Church Is Missing an 'I'" somewhat along these lines. You can watch here… http://1lord.org/sermons

  • Mela Kamin says:

    Wonderful words, Ron – thanks for that shift in perspective as we prepare to worship!

  • angiebattle says:

    What a beautiful place it would be indeed! Thank you for posting this reminder of what it really means to assemble ourselves together.

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