The Healthy Imbalance of Marriage

Is it common in your marriage for one spouse to be strong when the other is weak?

Or is that just in my marriage?

Cheryl and I have noticed that it goes in seasons for us, and sometimes even day-to-day.

When Cheryl is having a bad day…week…month…I seem to be having a better period of time.

Cheryl often appears to be stronger during my weaker moments…

I often appear stronger during her weaker moments…

We have found it to be true emotionally, physically, and sometimes even spiritually.

When she’s weak, I can strengthen her…

When I’m weak, she can strengthen me…

That “imbalance” in our marriage has proven to be quite strengthening for our marriage…

This imbalance actually helps to keep our marriage balanced and strong…

I wonder if God might even be the designer of this imbalance at times…

Have you noticed this healthy “imbalance” in your marriage?

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  • ronedmondson says:

    Ha! I understand. But, maybe you are on the same page, just looking at the page differently at the time.

  • Jon says:

    My wife and I have seen the same thing over the last 28 years. Usually when I am down, she's up and vice versa. In a way that's good because one can support the other. But sometimes it's bad because we can get to a point where we seem to never be on the same page.

  • Kala Reyna says:

    I have noticed this in my marriage. At times it can drive me nuts and other times I’m thankful he can be strong when I’m weak and vice versa. we can’t always be strong together all the time.

  • it's true in our marriage too. In fact our strengths and weaknesses compliment each other so well that when we are seeking direction for a decision and we both come to the same conclusion independently we know the Lord has spoken.

  • @RickRouth says:

    If this cyclical pattern is as common as it seams (and is in my marriage as well), then it might be reasonable to suggest that if your marriage does *not* go through this you may not be moving (or allowing God to move in you — "luke-warm").

  • Suzi says:

    I completely agree. I used to wonder how it could possibly be coincidence for my husband and I to go through this crazy cycle and almost never be in the same place at the same time and then it occurred to me that God uses those times for us to minister to each other. I know we gain strength and feel purpose when we are able to give to someone in any situation, so this is certainly no different and the benefits it produces in the relationship are immeasurable.

  • Tiny says:

    That is so true Pastor. I have experienced that with my spouse. I strongly believe God has planted it that way so that we can strengthen each other.

    God is good!

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