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My Personal Spiritual Growth System

By November 21, 2009August 1st, 2011Change, Devotional, Encouragement

In our recent series “Hunger” at Grace Community Church, I shared a system I have used for spiritual growth that has helped me mature. I had numerous people ask me the following week to describe the details of my “system”. It really isn’t anything scientific or deeply thought out, but has helped me greatly.

Using a simple school folder with dividers and notebook paper in each section, and a calendar that fits in a 3 ring binder I have the following sections:

  1. Things that I’m reading in the Bible and what I am learning from it.
  2. Books that I’m reading and things I’m learning from them.
  3. Prayer requests for people I know well. Since I know many things to pray for them, so they all get their own page. I often spend a month on one page for one person before moving to the next page.
  4. Prayer requests from various people as they share them or I observe them.
  5. A calendar of prayer requests, mostly the ones in number 3 and 4, but it helps me to write them on the calendar each day as I pray for them.
  6. Verses that I’m trying to memorize.
  7. My personal journal of thoughts I have; written out to God.

To clarify, I do not use this system every day. In fact, I do not use it but every few years for a few months at a time, but when I really want to discipline myself for spiritual growth, this is the system I use.

More than anything, I encourage you to have a discipline for your spiritual growth. Your system doesn’t have to be this intense, but, from my experience, without discipline, you are less likely to mature.  For more thoughts on that, listen to my message on the subject HERE or watch the message HERE.

What is your system?

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  • Thank you for sharing! Great read!

  • The church's only responsibility is to develop righteousness in people. We often think that its another slick series, a great missions opportunity, making sure they are serving…but those are all side effects of pushing people towards righteousness. The sad thing is that most churches don't spend their time or money on that. I'm glad to see you develop the disciplines in your people Ron!! Well done bro!

    • Blake, thanks so much for reading and taking an extra step and commenting on my blog. Love what you guys are doing at Crosspoint. I was actually there the pre-Christmas Eve service. Good stuff!

  • Cindy says:

    It is good to have a plan or system, but I would like to say that be careful that doesn’t turn into a religious something that you have to do. Talking to God in the morning and throughout the day – being attentive to what He might want to say to me – has helped me grow spiritually. If I don’t know where to start reading in the morning, many times I will purchase a Bible study and go through it as the Lord leads and just listen to what He is trying to tell me that day. NavPress has lots of wonderful Bible studies. Here is a coupon code: L69E1D8W3 – 20% off any item at

  • Dave Baldwin says:

    Hey Ron,
    Thank you for this post! What a great plan in following strong after Jesus.
    I have been influenced over the years by Bill Hybel’s personal spiritual growth plan. I spent 2008 in Romans 12 memorizing that chapter. This year I’m in Romans 8 every day. What a blessing that has been.
    Have a great week.
    .-= Dave Baldwin´s last blog ..Sunday Evening Reflections: =-.

  • Mrs. W. says:

    I own many Bibles, but I have one set aside as my praying Bible. In the back of it, I keep an index card with the names of people who need prayer on a daily basis. This acts as a reminder to me to lift them up to the Lord, and mention specific things for them. Because it is in my Bible, it is easy to turn to the New Testament prayers of Paul. These are proven and tested prayers from the ages to lift up people in all circumstances, but especially believers and leaders. I try to keep an easy yoke. Every few weeks, I take out my card and update it being careful not to put so much on the card that I feel overwhelmed or overloaded.

    There are N.T. prayers in Ephesians 1, 3, Philippians 1 and Colossians 1. Those who are bold may daily put on the armor in Ephesians 6. It might help to highlight them so that you can find them quickly and easily. You can pray through all of them in a brief period of time.

    If you follow this plan, be sure to include your family and your pastor. God sees. God rewards.

  • Emily says:

    I make sure to have a Bible study time during my get ready time in the mornings, setting aside that specific time has helped. But I’ve been trying to have a more consistent prayer time. So far I haven’t had good luck with that. Thanks for the suggestions.
    .-= Emily´s last blog ..Happy National Adoption Day! =-.