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Witnessing to Family and Friends

By April 20, 2009Church, Family, Jesus

Jesus told them, “A prophet has little honor in his hometown, among his relatives, on the streets he played in as a child.” (Mark 6: 4 MSG)

Jesus experienced something I think most of us have at times as believers.  Sometimes the hardest people to witness to are those we love and know the most.  I know countless pastors who have lost siblings, parents and childhood friends, but have limited success witnessing to them.  It’s been a struggle for me at times also.

Do you share this experience?  Is it hardest for you to witness to your own family and friends?  Why do you think that’s the case?  How do you combat the fear or do you?

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  • @TreykaGirl says:

    My mom's reaction when I first witnessed to her (some ten years ago) was horrible. She avoided me for months. Since then I've tried to get over it … I've chatted with her about my faith now and again … but I hated that feeling and haven't forgotten it. My own mom!

    But then again, I witnessed to my husband for seven years, through his downright abusive and cruel comments. He said to me once, "You know I will NEVER get saved, right?" And then he did.

    So when it comes to my mom, I need to get over it. This ain't about me!

  • Kurt says:

    The scripture you posted is appropriate. My family thinks I have gone off the deep end when in reality I finally have a right relationship with my savior. It does not stop me from witnessing to them however. Even if they stay at their church, they will befefit from my faith and witnessing. God is over there too.

    My children are in the “obligation” phase of Catholic church attendance and when you are obliged, you spend as little time as possible there. The Antiochian Orthodox church where I go cares little how long the service takes.. (It is not about me) and is sometimes 2.5X longer. My goal as a father is to nurture my children;s faith no matter where they go. God willing, I would like them to join me some day though.. Their mother and I are divorced, but both are active church goers and make them accountable for their faith .. as much as you can when two are away at college 🙂

    Thanks for the question… and the post.