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I’m in a dreaming stage again. I usually get nuggets of ideas from conferences or individuals and shape my own vision from the little pieces of information I hear elsewhere.  This week I’ve been flooded with ideas so that my head is exploding.  Since I always want to dream big dreams, (because I don’t think I can ever out-dream God) today I sent an email to a few people in the church to solicit the current thoughts on their mind.  It was a select group of people I trust (I also had their email addresses on my phone), but I’m not afraid to open up the dialogue.  Below is the email I sent.  Feel free to add your own ideas. 



Would you play along with me on something?  I was reflecting at our 3rd anniversary of Grace Community Church about how blessed with have been as a church with talented people. I think it’s important that we continually rely on the wisdom of others.  You have insight and experience Chad and I don’t have. So, would you complete this sentence for me? 

Just to note:  This is just for my own personal brainstorming and doesn’t mean we will use anything you offer but who knows what ideas you have.

Here’s the sentence:
If I were leading this organization I would_______________. 

1.  Use your imagination
2. Be nice and respectful. I’m a sensitive guy.
3. Don’t offer ideas without a way to actually do them.  (I’m looking for concrete feedback).

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  • Lori says:

    Some type of summer week long program for the kids similar to VBS; full coffee bar with pastries, fruit, etc; instead of Jazz on the Lawn something like Worship in the Field – can you imagine a gorgeous Fall night with lawn chairs and picnics all over our land with a bonfire and the DDB?