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Happy Anniversary Grace Community Church

By September 11, 2008Christians, Church, God, Jesus

Happy Anniversary to

Grace Community Church


Today our church celebrates 3 years since the day we launched. You can learn more about the church HERE.  God has done some incredible things in each of us who were a part of this from the beginning.  We have purposefully attempted not to be motivated by numbers, but we cannot deny that God has allowed us to enjoy life with lots of people.  He’s attracted hundreds, really thousands, of people to the church and in the process we have truly had front row seats to some modern-day miracles. 


About a year ago I surveyed our staff and our original 11 core families and asked them what they felt were the reasons for our success.  Of course the obvious answer is God, but I wanted them to help us think through the things God has led us to do that has worked. 


They gave lots of answers, but there were some consistent themes that could easily be summarized into 5 main areas: 










Relationship building


Happy Anniversary Grace!

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