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Bridging the Generational Gaps

Today I was asked for advice on dealing with parents from someone close to the age of my children.  I also gained insight into my staff from someone much older than me.  Both were valuable encounters.


I need wisdom from those who have previously walked where I am walking now.  It has become apparent to me as I have reached the middle days of life that there are those who can learn some things from my experiences.  Somehow I think this is a missing component in today’s culture.  In the age of constant change and instant information we seldom simply learn from experience, because we are always inventing something new.  There will always be experiences which can help us avoid pain, plan more efficiently and improve the overall quality of our life. 


I’m considering ways the church can help the older generation connect with the younger generation and vice-versa.  Surely there are ways to bridge the generational gap that exists between young and old and help us learn from each other and exchange wisdom, even when our generations seem so far apart. I’m open to suggestions. 


Right now, until something better comes along, I think I will continue to glean from those who have experience I don’t have, personally seeking their input into my life.  At the same time, I will purposively attempt to invest in those who do not have the life experience I have as they invite me to participate in their life.  Perhaps a more “novel” way will come along someday. 




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