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5 Greatest Fears of Real People

By August 18, 2008April 7th, 2011Christians, Culture, Faith, Fear, Jesus

As a minister, I hear about fear a lot. I decided to compile my own list of the 5 greatest fears of “real” people. (This list includes people like me.) See if you share any of these fears.

Unknown– You don’t know what could happen next, so you fear not knowing.

Worst Case Scenario/What If’s – You can imagine all the bad things that could happen next, and if you let your mind do the wandering….the outcome is scary.

Failure – You are afraid your plan, a relationship, your life, etc. is not going to succeed.

Rejection – You fear being left alone, forgotten, or abandoned.

Insignificance/Not measuring up – You fear that you aren’t good enough and don’t have what it takes or that others don’t appreciate you for your value.

Did I hit yours? Which one of these (or another) is your greatest fear?

But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid .” (Matthew 14:27

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