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I was just thinking today.  Name an industry that does not have to change rapidly in this current economy and culture? 


Here are a few industries I can think of that I have read or heard news stories in recent months that are facing significant changes:

·         Airline

·         Automobile

·         Electronics/Technology

·         Television

·         Publishing

·         Utilities

·         Agriculture

·         Banking/Mortgage

·         Manufacturing

·         Housing

·         Healthcare

·         Music


Should there be any question that the industry of church (the way we do church) would need to be undergoing change also?  The product stays the same.  The way we get people interested is changing rapidly.

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  • Tony says:

    In relation to a slow economy and an instant, on-demand culture?

    People are attracted to things that THEY can fit into their crazy schedule. Something that can give them an instant response, gratification, etc.

    Can we learn anything from Apple’s iPhone? As Seth Godin puts it: can [the church] be lucky enough to have a scarcity problem?