7 Measures of Personal Success


1. Honoring and obeying God with my life.

2. Attempting to realize my full potential.

3. Truly being who I claim to be.

4. Being loved most by the people who know me best.

5. Getting up every time I fall.

6. Making life better for the people around me.

7. Ending at peace with God, my family, and friends.

What are yours?

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10 thoughts on “7 Measures of Personal Success

  1. To get success on our life we must need to follow some guidelines. Your personal success guideline are look very important on our life and I hope it'll help us more to get in touch on our life goal.

  2. Ron! I agree with yours. Some more minor personal add-ons:
    ~ Being the best (or striving to be the best) in whatever I do
    ~ Make others laugh / Make others feel worthy
    ~ Make this world a better place to live by
    ~ Forgive even my enemies/betrayers without bitterness in heart
    ~ Live life assertively (without aggressiveness) with self esteem and dignity

  3. 1) Show the Grace I teach
    2) Growth in my "trouble" areas
    3) Thinking more….BEFORE speaking when angry.
    4) Allowing God more room to work in my introversion
    5) Allowing my vision to expand
    6) Look for the " awe" moments God has already made
    7) Help others to see those " awe" moments, don't lock them inside!
    Twitter: bryankr

  4. @sarojani these are my measures for personal success..its good to pen them down and articulate whats truly important
    Building a deep intimacy with the Lord that overflows into all relationships
    Discovering and living out my Purpose in holiness
    Being loved, loving others,
    Making a difference in peoples lives and leaving a legacy
    Living in awe, discovering and learning something new each day
    Being at Peace with self and others

  5. I've never created such a list. But thanks for inspiring me. I do have a list of the priorities in my life. I need to turn this into my measurable statements.

    1. A personal growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
    2. Work on me for others by being an intentional learner and working on my physical health every day.
    3. My relationship with my wife.
    4. My relationship with my children.
    5. My friends and extended family
    6. My camp ministry, aka…career.
    7. My dream, aka….my small hobby business; Whole Life Leadership at http://www.ericdingler.com

    Thanks for inspiring me to take these deeper. I have some work to do.