God’s Vision for the Church

It may seem strange to some to see me in a suit, but here’s my first sermon at Immanuel Baptist Church. I actually do two services each Sunday…one in jeans and one in a suit. This is the one we videotape.

I’ve been here a few weeks now and things are going well. I’ll post more later.

In this message, I share what I believe is God’s vision for the church:

Ekklesia: God’s Vision for the Church 6.24.12 from ron edmondson on Vimeo.

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8 thoughts on “God’s Vision for the Church

  1. Posted on FB, but wanted to make sure to got it –
    Loved the goals from this sunday, we were visitors (our daughter came for vbs with a friend). So many friendly people greeted us and said hello it is definitely a great time for new people to come with a new outlook and plan from the new pastor. Also thank you for the note thanking us for bringing our daughter to vbs and information on our door- it was a surprise when we got home and she felt so special. Best wishes to accomplishing so many great ideas and programs!

  2. Great Morning to you Ron,
    I've really enjoyed your first sermon….I often times shun technology, but so thankful that I was able to be a part of the service. We can't wait until we make a personal visit up to Big Blue country from Clarksville.

    Great message of encouragement. The folks at Immanuel are blessed to have you and Cheryl.

    Hopefully, you will continue to blog the services….just another method of reaching folks all in the name of His Glory.

    Melissa and family

    • Thanks Melissa. Certainly intend to continue this part of my ministry. God bless.Ron
      Twitter: Ronedmondson